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Applying to the Academy program

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Students who wish to participate in the Academy program should first meet with a high school counselor or principal to discuss the opportunities and risks offered by the College Credit Plus program.

Competitive admission
The Ohio State Academy program has a selective admission process in which students are considered for admission based on their academic performance. The following are factors considered in the application process:

  • Performance in high school as shown by class rank or grade point average. Students admitted to the academy generally rank at the top of their high school classes with strong grade point averages.
  • Performance on standardized tests. Students applying to the Academy must submit scores from any of the following exams: ACT, SAT, PSAT or PLAN. Students admitted to the academy generally have scored well above the national average on these exams.
  • Recommendation from their high school counselor or principal
  • 300-word essay on application form

Admission criteria, Columbus campus
Students applying for admission to Academy, Columbus campus, should meet the following criteria:

  • High school class rank: top 15%
  • High school grade point average: (GPA): 3.7 on a 4.0 scale
    • A student with previous college credit should have a college gpa that is comparable to his or her high school GPA.
  • One of following test score requirements:
    • ACT composite score: 26 or higher
    • SAT Critical Reading and Math score of 1180 or higher
    • PLAN composite score: 26 or higher
    • PSAT Critical Reading and Math score of 118 or higher
  • Students with significant talent in a specific academic subject will also be given consideration in the admissions process.

Application process
To be considered for admission to the Academy program, students must submit the following materials by the deadline (see "Application deadlines" below):

  1. Completed online application (see below for login information)
  2. Completed High School Information Form, signed by high school counselor or principal
  3. $60 nonrefundable application fee
  4. Official transcript of high school course work
  5. Standardized test scores (ACT, SAT, PSAT, or PLAN)

Special notes

  • Students needing application fee waivers due to financial hardship: We accept fee waivers from NACAC, The College Board, or ACT.
  • International students who are currently enrolled in Ohio high schools are eligible to participate in the Ohio State Academy.

Apply online

  1. Create your account at
  2. Log in to and complete your application.

Application deadlines

  • Autumn semester (begins in August): apply by May 1
  • Spring semester (begins in January): apply by November 1
  • Summer term (begins in June): apply by April 1

Applying to Ohio State after high school graduation
The Ohio State Academy Program is designed for talented high school students wishing to take college courses while still in high school. Admission to the Academy Program does not imply or guarantee admission to the Columbus campus of The Ohio State University as a degree-seeking student.

An Academy participant who desires admission to Ohio State's Columbus campus as a degree-seeking student must:

  • Complete a separate application and participate in a selective admission process.
    Note: Students who enroll in the Academy do not need to re-pay the application fee when applying as a degree seeking student. If a student applies to the Academy but does not enroll, the application fee will be good for three terms.
  • Have official test scores sent directly from the testing agency (The College Board or ACT) to Ohio State. Please note that Ohio State requires the writing section of the ACT.