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  • That one time when a band served me ice cream.

    Written by: | October 24, 2014

    Hello lovely readers!

    Let me start off by telling you how awesome it is to live in a city where there is a constant stream of incredible things happening all the time. Living in Columbus has provided me with the most amazing opportunities, so naturally I thought I would blog about one of those.

    A few days ago I got a call from my friend telling me about a radio station contest where we had the chance to win tickets to a radio performance from Walk the Moon! I don’t know if you guys know who they are, but I can guarantee you that if you don’t yet, you will very soon.

    Anyways, in order to win the tickets we had to be the tenth caller.


    Low and behold, we weren’t (bet you weren’t expecting that, huh?). Luckily, there was one more shot at winning the prize.

    The day of the show, the band tweeted that they were going to be in the Arena District passing out ice cream! So, being the obsessed fan girls that we are, my friend and I bolted for the car and sped to Nationwide Arena. Once we got there and found the truck, it became apparent that we were not the only fans who got the memo.

    About 40 other people were there, all waiting in line with hopeful and excited faces. We got in line, and after about a half hour the moment of truth had finally arrived. We slowly walked up to the ice cream truck where we were greeted by four guys all wearing skinny jeans and big smiles; although, I’m pretty sure they were nothing compared to my friend and I’s beaming faces.

    walk the moon

    “So what flavor do you guys want?” asked Kevin, the bass player, who is also extremely attractive if you didn’t know.

    I looked over to the flavors and realized there was only one flavor to choose from; peppermint stick. I doubt anyone was there for the bands well-known reputation as ice cream salesmen.

    “Well there’s only one flavor so I guess I’ll go with the peppermint stick” I laughed.

    So there I was in the middle of Columbus as the lead singer, Nick, handed me a scoop of peppermint stick ice cream. Did I mention I don’t actually like peppermint? It doesn’t even matter, I ate the whole thing.

    Eventually the crowd died down and all that was left was my friend and I along with four other hopeful girls. As long as the band was still here, there was still hope of getting into the radio performance. After hanging out and getting to know the other girls better, we were greeted by a 20-something year old girl in super hip clothing and a VIP laminate. She informed us that she worked with the boys and after about 5 minutes of chatting the moment of truth finally came.

    “How would all of you girls like to come to an exclusive radio performance today?” UHM ABSOLUTELY.

    She gave us all wristbands and told us to be at the station by 2:45; we got there at 2:15.

    As we walked into the station I noticed records from all kinds of artists on the wall including Neon Trees, The Lumineers, Vampire Weekend, and so many more. We were then escorted into the room where the band was set to play. I couldn’t even contain my excitement. A little while later, the band finally came out and performed five songs for everyone. There were only about twenty people in the room, so it was extremely personal and incredible.

    After the performance we were treated with a meet and greet and even a music video premiere!


    Our picture is quite dysfunctional and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    In conclusion, I love bands and I love Columbus. Thanks for an unforgettable day, Walk the Moon. You da bomb.

    Until next time,

    Emily <3

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    My “Unofficial” Parents’ Weekend

    Written by: | October 24, 2014

    Although the official OSU Parent/Family Weekend is this upcoming weekend, my family came to visit me this past weekend because my dad was running in the Columbus marathon.

    My dad running by Ohio Stadium

    A photo my uncle took of my dad running by Ohio Stadium

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    A Long Time Coming: On-Campus Dessert

    Written by: | October 23, 2014

    My first semester at OSU is going well, but I have noticed that due to my somewhat hefty commute, I’m a little late to the game when it comes to taking advantage of all the opportunities presented by Ohio State in terms of food and fun.

    This place is huge, and there’s always so much going on! I sometimes feel like I leave campus just as it starts to come alive.

    So this Tuesday was particularly exciting, because I met fellow blogger Zhichao for an afternoon snack at the Hierloom Café, where I tried my first on-campus CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT CAKE!


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    Peppers on the Oval?

    Written by: | October 22, 2014

    Of all the amazing places at THE Ohio State University, one of my favorites is the Oval.

    I love the Oval squirrels, the bricks that mysteriously go missing, the beautiful trees, the view of Thompson… but why are there peppers everywhere?!

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    The Final Challenge

    Written by: | October 22, 2014

    In case you didn’t know, I am a proud member of Undergraduate Student Government here at The OSU. We do a lot of awesome stuff around campus, like keep you safe on Mirror Lake Jump Night, help coordinate the homecoming parade, and thousands of other things.

    Recently, I applied to be in a select group of first-years called USG Interns. They go around and do intern-y stuff at USG general body meetings and things. I think. Not really sure.

    Anyway, I had to go through many rounds of interviews

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    A Homecoming to Write Home About

    Written by: | October 21, 2014

    Ahhhhhh, Homecoming. The time for alums to come back and say “wow, the buildings may change, but the spirit sure doesn’t.”

    Yes, time and change at it’s finest and I got to celebrate in the best way with the best people. Ever.

    I love the balloons in the Union.

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    Scarlet, Gray, and Pink

    Written by: | October 21, 2014

    Pinkout pic

    Picture from @PinkOutOSU

    It was almost unbelievable to watch an entire school of more than 40,000 students, plus an entire football stadium of over 100,000 put aside the usual scarlet and gray for the color pink this week.

    Nothing unites people like a cause, and the Pink Out club at Ohio State did an incredible job of showing us one.

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    Not Four Years, For Life

    Written by: | October 16, 2014

    Eight months ago, I was in a situation. I had been at college for a whole semester, I had done well in my classes, and I had found myself a wonderful boyfriend. But as depressing as it sounds, I didn’t have many friends.

    I have always been on the quiet side, enjoying time by myself or with a small group of people. Growing up in a small town and knowing the same kids my entire life made it easy to have a “group;” I don’t even remember how I met many of my childhood companions because we were together before we could talk. But at a school like Ohio State where it’s so easy to get lost among your 50,000 classmates, making friends can be a challenge.

    I knew that I needed to take initiative, but what I actually did was something that I never thought I would do in a million years. After many hours of research, deliberation, and discussion, I took a step out of my comfort zone and became a proud sister of the Beta Xi Chapter of Gamma Phi Beta Sorority. 


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    The Late Shift

    Written by: | October 13, 2014

    Good news! In case you didn’t know, I was hired by OSU Housing to be an Office Assistant (OA) at Baker West! Yay! Much excited!

    More good news! I am now making money and can buy pretty things! Like food, clothing, food or Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Probably Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

    Bad news! I have to work over-night shifts. This means working 3-5am and having to wake up at 6:20am for my 8am class! In short, I’m basically Spongebob working The Krusty Krab late shift.

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    Writer’s Block

    Written by: | October 13, 2014

    Starting college at THE Ohio State University has been an amazing, stressful, enlightening, scary, hilarious and insane experience. In addition to all previously listed evaluations, I also acquired a mighty case of writers block, turned 21, moved to campus, transferred colleges, became obsessed with the oval squirrels, survived my first set of exams… So much has happened.


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    Recess? In College? I’M IN.

    Written by: | October 11, 2014

    Remember when your high school (and middle school, for that matter) teachers told you that the days of recess were over, and to put away your play shoes for good?

    Yeah. That’s a lie.

    Recess is in session, kids.

    90's kids everywhere are wondering where these days went and how to go about getting them back.

    90’s kids everywhere are wondering where these days went and how to go about getting them back.


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    Once in a Scarlet Moon

    Written by: | October 10, 2014

    On Wednesday morning, I intentionally woke up at 6:15am. Why? You might ask. What could possibly be so important that I’d be loony enough to get out of my nice, warm bed and go out into the dark, cold morning for?

    Funny you should use the word “loony.”

    On Wednesday, a lunar eclipse was visible in Columbus. I made plans with a few of my suite mates to get up and stand outside our dorm in order to watch it, and it was definitely worth waking up for.


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    Adventures in Recruiting X: Panera Bread

    Written by: | October 10, 2014

    *Warning! This blog post will contain language and situations that some might find impolite to discuss in public, or possibly offensive!*
    It really shouldn’t be anything too bad and I will give warning before I delve into potty humor! Also all images in this post will not be offensive (probably).

    So to start:


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    Seven reasons you should study abroad

    Written by: | October 10, 2014

    1. You’ll be scared, probably of everything at first, but it’ll be a great opportunity to learn to adapt to a situation. The country you’re in won’t change and it won’t become less scary; but instead, you’ll learn to be comfortable.


    Scared of every animal bigger than me


    Camels included

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    Fall at Ohio State

    Written by: | October 9, 2014

    It is officially fall at Ohio State! I know, I know, it technically has been for a few days now, and meteorologically has been for a month; but to me, IT IS NOW FALL! And how do I know this? Well, there are a few reminders around Ohio State that filled me in:

    The weather dropped what seems like 25 degrees within one weekend.



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