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  • Extra Blocks? Fear No More!

    Written by: | December 16, 2014

    So lets face it, you are either experiencing one of two phenomena: either you have a plethora of blocks to spend:
    Or not.

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    A Trip Down Memory Lane

    Written by: | December 16, 2014

    Ask any first year freshman how the semester went, I guarantee they’ll mention how much quicker time flies in college.

    Let’s take a trip down memory lane and explore my journey to becoming the Buckeye I am today!

    December 16, 2013- Received acceptance letter to THE Ohio State University (entire family erupts in cheers comparable to those heard in The Shoe on game day).

    minion gif

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    Welcome to College

    Written by: | December 16, 2014

    As I finished by last final, I finally felt free…for about an hour..until the anxiety of having a good GPA set in.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m ecstatic not to have to worry about calculus for the rest of my life; but I think after finals I realized that when we’re seniors in high school, we look at the worst of high school and make college seem like a glorified version of what it really is. College just sounds like fun, but getting your act together doesn’t; and that’s exactly what I need to do.

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    That’s Christmas at Ohio State

    Written by: | December 15, 2014

    This post comes with festive holiday tunes to listen to as you read! Click here for Pentatonix’s “That’s Christmas To Me.”

    And if you finish that, you should go listen to the entire album. Can you tell what I’m obsessed with?


    Since Ohio State is a large school, there are many ways to be festive this holiday season. I would like to point out that there are other holidays celebrated, and while I would love to experience them all, I decided to explore Christmas on campus.

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    Finals week

    Written by: | December 15, 2014

    I am utterly fascinated by how sweepingly finals week take a toll on the university.

    At first I assured myself  the people that were up late every night studying were the smart ones. They had their life together and were already in the lead. Then I realized that those people passed out on their textbooks weren’t all stress-free either. They were people who hadn’t studied all semester and were barely banking on this exam so that they could pass.

    I figured that I would never be one of those people. Clearly I wasn’t very motivated, but I wasn’t stressed either. And yet, I somehow find myself just as on-edge and sleep-deprived as the people who are actually desperately cramming.

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    A Comic End to the Semester

    Written by: | December 15, 2014

    On Saturday, as a study break/reward for completing two of my final exams, I went to the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum‘s opening of their new exhibit, King of the Comics: William Randolph Hurst and 100 Years of King Features.

    I got to see two panels discussing comic strips: first, Brendan Burford (the Comics Editor of King Features Syndicate), Patrick McDonnell (the writer and illustrator of Mutts), and Hilary Price (the writer and illustrator of Rhymes with Orange) discussed how they came to be a part of King Features Syndicate.

    Hilary Price, Patrick McDonnell, and

    Hilary Price, Patrick McDonnell, and Brendan Burford

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    Finals Week in 10 Pictures

    Written by: | December 12, 2014

    Welcome to OSU Finals Week. Here is a short post due to short free time:


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    My semester researching Poindexter Village: or getting to know Columbus

    Written by: | December 12, 2014

    Wednesday evening I finished one of my first finals, but it definitely was not the kind of test you would expect.

    I took a course this semester that involved researching some important community history.

    Recently a public housing neighborhood on the East Side of Columbus was mostly torn down, and since then a discussion has opened up about how to preserve this important part of community history.  Enter our group of history students who were tasked with finding objects and pictures that might help tell and preserve that story.

    This map highlights the community we researched.

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    Very first research forum I attended at the Ohio State

    Written by: | December 11, 2014

    On Tuesday, my English as Second Language (ESL) classmates voted me to present my research on the Forum. It was a great opportunity for me to improve my English speaking and build my confidence.

    This was a new attempt for English as a second language learners to demonstrate what they learned from this course. It was the very first time I attended a forum as a presenter, and I benefited a lot.

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    The best gift you could give a college student (or anyone, rather)

    Written by: | December 11, 2014

    I sit here having attended my final classes for my first semester of college (which, by the way, went at super sonic speed), and wonder, “How am I supposed to make it to Monday evening?” (Monday evening is when my last final is finished and hence I can return home!!!!)


    But the answer (and the gift) has been with me this entire time.

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    Finals: May the curve be ever in your favor

    Written by: | December 11, 2014

    We’re at that time of the semester again where people are huddled in the library, taking shots of espresso, rushing around campus to complete that last extra credit assignment and so on. In short, there’s general chaos. This is that time of the semester where we start praying or making wishes at 11:11, all in an effort to do well on the exam or have a curve that bumps scores up.


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    The Magical Bus Stop

    Written by: | December 10, 2014

    I’m a fan of the voice on the CABS buses that announces which stop you’re approaching; it has a deep, good-natured quality (à la AOL “you’ve got mail!”), and it certainly adds to the experience of riding the CABS buses.

    I ride them a lot, so I’m pretty familiar with the voice. And never am I happier than when it’s announcing “Mason Hall!” You see, I am pretty sure this bus stop is magical. Read the rest of this entry »

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    Ben goes to Indy for the Big Ten Championship

    Written by: | December 9, 2014

    The following is a minute by minute detailed account of my trip to Indianapolis to watch the Big 10 Championship:

    2:30 p.m.-My brother and I leave Ohio State. We pack all of our things into our pathetic excuse for a car. Sasha, or our Scion XA, makes driving a Prius look like a better option. But regardless, we love her, and we know that she will get us to where we need to go.

    3:00 p.m.- Stop to use the bathroom

    3:30 p.m.- Stop to use the bathroom

    3:45 p.m.- Stop to use the bathroom. Did I mention that we drank a lot of water for lunch that day?


    4:00 p.m.- Stop to get gas. Hopefully we’ll make it to Indiana in time to watch the game.

    4:45 p.m.- Get off highway and follow directions to our grandparents’ house.

    5:15 p.m.- Pull over to figure out where exactly we are. “We just drove around in a giant circle for the past half hour?! Well this is a great start.”


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    The HoliGAYs are Here!

    Written by: | December 8, 2014

    This weekend, I went to the Multicultural Center‘s Fourth Annual HoliGAY Dinner, where members of Ohio State’s LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and queer/questioning) community come together for a fun dinner full of yummy food, friends, and discussing our holiday traditions.

    rainbow menorah

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    Light Up the Lake

    Written by: | December 8, 2014

    Hohoho, tis the season to celebrate (or not to celebrate) all the winter holidays! Be it Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, Solstice, New Years Eve, Festivus…

    Super Bowl Sunday…

    sugar bowl

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