The summer after freshman year

Written by    Jul 1, 2016

I think the quiet was something that I noticed immensely in the days after I went home. There was no more commotion. No one to bump into just outside my door. But the food was better. There were no more classes to prepare for and the beds were certainly softer. There was also no one to talk to apart from my family. This summer, I […]

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Haiti: I save but I’m not a savior

Written by    Jun 30, 2016

About two years ago I was approached about going on a mission trip by my good friend Sarah. I brought the idea up to my older brother who quickly told me to not bother suggesting it to our parents as they would likely be quick to reject the idea. Naturally I asked my mom anyway, because lets just say I’m not quick to give up […]

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What I learned about myself after a factory reset

Written by    Jun 30, 2016

It’s Friday; and after working for three hours, I take my break. Weird, my phones dead already, but I swear I charged it to 100 percent?! With no other thoughts, I stick the phone back in my purse, and I continue my day. Little did I know, I would spend the next two days with customer service for six hours trying everything to fix my phone. We tried […]

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Rick’s Cafe

Written by    Jun 29, 2016

I decided to get some practical experience with all this Arabic I’m studying and took an overnight trip to Casablanca.

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What I’m doing this summer

Written by    Jun 28, 2016

What am I up to while I’m home this summer, you ask? Well I’ll tell you! Interning So I’m enrolled in the Communications Internship course for the summer, which basically means I’m earning credit for a class as I complete my internship. I’m working for a local fiction paperback shop (yes, those still exist), and I’m developing my marketing, outreach and customer service skills in addition to […]

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CCS is the CCBest

Written by    Jun 23, 2016

Hello again! Do you ever feel blue? NO! NEVER! Not that blue. No. No. Yes. THAT blue! Well, do you ever feel anxious or afraid or just a little off? Well guess what? Ohio State has an excellent resource to get you back to being you: Counseling and Consultation Services (CCS).

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Day trip to Fez, Morocco

Written by    Jun 21, 2016

Studying abroad can be a lot of work, so this weekend I took a break and took a short trip to Fez, Morrocco.

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Night Life in Meknes

Written by    Jun 17, 2016

I’m currently studying Arabic abroad in Morocco, but it’s not all books and homework! In the evenings there are lots of exciting and fun things to do here in Meknes.

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Summer research at Ohio State… What’s that about?

Written by    Jun 17, 2016

I started research in the CBEC building around January of this year, but I hadn’t really gotten into any projects or started any of my own. I mostly helped the older students with cleaning, and making buffers like saline. I remember watching them preform experiments and thinking that it would be great if I knew as much as them, and understood what they were doing. Little […]

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Summer for a college kid

Written by    Jun 15, 2016

Laying out by the pool, eating ice cream, and spending all day with friends is the recipe for a perfect summer! Or so I thought. Until I realized I was a broke college kid. Now, the recipe for a perfect summer is going to work, working, and more work.

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