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The Joye of Cooking

Written by    Apr 10, 2018

Now that the obligatory Discworld reference is done with, we’re going to talk about something that everyone really should know how to do — especially if you’re going to college. That thing is cooking. Because, let me tell you from experience, at some point, you will get tired of the food your college offers. No matter how good it is (or how many varieties your […]

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Unexpected Interest

Written by    Jan 22, 2018

Imagine if you will… In all seriousness, do imagine the scenario I’m about to post. In order to graduate, you need a few credit hours in classes that aren’t part of your major or minor. So, you look over the catalogue. Nothing really interests you, but you have to choose something.  So, you blindfold yourself and take the dart . . . No? Very well. […]

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A Game of Carrom

Written by    Oct 25, 2017

So last weekend I spent my Sunday night at OSU’s own Hindi Club Game Night, rather than continuing to do homework (like any sensible person). And it was indeed worth it, for we all had a lot of fun. And I also learned a couple new games! Go-Fish (No, I had never played Go-Fish before) The highlight of the night, of course, was the Carrom […]

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Dawn of the Second…Year

Written by    Sep 12, 2017

No, the Moon isn’t falling, don’t worry. I hope that everyone enjoyed their Labour Day Weekend. It was certainly relaxing for me, and in that relaxation, I reflected upon my second year of college. And I marveled at how familiar yet different it was from my first year. The biggest difference being that coming back to college was like (and I know what I’m about […]

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The Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards Ceremony

Written by    Sep 12, 2017

Now, most of you might be asking what the title is referring to. To be more precise, the Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards, according to the brochure/pamphlet, is an award that recognizes authors  “whose works confront racism and celebrate diversity.” They were established by Cleveland poet and philanthropist Edith Anisfield Wolf, and are fittingly held in Cleveland annually. But wait, why do I have the brochure? Because […]

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The Eclipse

Written by    Aug 23, 2017

Was awesome, though that word is truly overused. Unfortunately, for us in Columbus, we only had a partial eclipse. And the difference between a partial eclipse and a total eclipse, even if that partial is 90%? It makes a big difference. Unless it’s a total, it still looks like the sun is in the sky (though the light did change a bit.) Those of you […]

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OSU’s Nuclear Reactor Lab

Written by    Apr 17, 2017

Did you know that the university has a nuclear reactor? Cause it does, right on West Campus. There’s no need to panic–first of all, because it’s incredibly safe. Second, because it’s a Research Reactor, not a Power Reactor. This reactor doesn’t power anything except for the tried and tested scientific method–poke something and see what happens (metaphorically in this case, of course.) Now, I hadn’t […]

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The Actual First Day of Spring

Written by    Apr 11, 2017

For reals this time. The weather’s beautiful, and so very alien after so many long months of cold. The sun is shining, the skies aren’t cloudy, there’s a pleasant breeze…Ohio State has come to life after a (according to a friend) short and mild winter. I take his word for it since it’s my first winter in a long time. And after a week of midterms, […]

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First Day of Spring

Written by    Mar 21, 2017

Or so people tell me. But with it still being cold and spring break having ended, it doesn’t quite feel like the first day of spring. According to the calendar it is though. Seems rather arbitrary. And speaking of spring break, how was everyone’s? Mine was mundane sitting around the house doing nothing of importance. It was great, being a cat. And it’s given me […]

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A Trip to Green Bank

Written by    Feb 21, 2017

West Virginia. Smack dab in the Radio Quiet Zone, where radio transmissions aren’t allowed. Thus no cell service or wi-fi, and no such devices are allowed within the zone. But why would anyone go here, let alone live in it?

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