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OSU’s Nuclear Reactor Lab

Written by    Apr 17, 2017

Did you know that the university has a nuclear reactor? Cause it does, right on West Campus. There’s no need to panic–first of all, because it’s incredibly safe. Second, because it’s a Research Reactor, not a Power Reactor. This reactor doesn’t power anything except for the tried and tested scientific method–poke something and see what happens (metaphorically in this case, of course.) Now, I hadn’t […]

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The Actual First Day of Spring

Written by    Apr 11, 2017

For reals this time. The weather’s beautiful, and so very alien after so many long months of cold. The sun is shining, the skies aren’t cloudy, there’s a pleasant breeze…Ohio State has come to life after a (according to a friend) short and mild winter. I take his word for it since it’s my first winter in a long time. And after a week of midterms, […]

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First Day of Spring

Written by    Mar 21, 2017

Or so people tell me. But with it still being cold and spring break having ended, it doesn’t quite feel like the first day of spring. According to the calendar it is though. Seems rather arbitrary. And speaking of spring break, how was everyone’s? Mine was mundane sitting around the house doing nothing of importance. It was great, being a cat. And it’s given me […]

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A Trip to Green Bank

Written by    Feb 21, 2017

West Virginia. Smack dab in the Radio Quiet Zone, where radio transmissions aren’t allowed. Thus no cell service or wi-fi, and no such devices are allowed within the zone. But why would anyone go here, let alone live in it?

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Maniacal Midterm Laughter

Written by    Feb 2, 2017

Ah, you know you’re starting to go off the deep end into the tea kettle when you make your blog titles alliterate. I’m currently writing this blog during a study break. Now normally I don’t do this but this week was a doozy. This week decided to throw everything it’s got at me, even though I’m aware that weeks are not sentient entities and I’m […]

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The First Week of a Second Semester

Written by    Jan 17, 2017

So, how are all of you? Got past the first week of the semester with flying colors? No? I’ve heard this phrase a lot these few days: “This has been a long week. And we still have a whole semester left,” or at least something similar. And I agree! Maybe it’s because I’ve got an 8 a.m. this semester, but this week has been unusually […]

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‘Twas the Night Before Christmas…

Written by    Dec 27, 2016

When all through the house, Not a creature was stirring… Except for that racket upstairs. Ah, hello again. I’d have linked a picture to a spider in a Santa hat, but I decided not to. Christmas is an interesting time for me. My family doesn’t celebrate it. But you’d never be able to guess if you were to look at old photos of me, standing […]

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Why Blogging?

Written by    Nov 30, 2016

Now that’s a question. Indeed. Why blogging? To understand my answer to this question, a little history. If you had asked me a year ago whether I’d start a blog…Well, I’d think for a moment before trying to clarify exactly what a blog was. Yes, I didn’t know what blogging was. So, you may ask, how do I know now? Well, once upon a dreary […]

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Boreal Winds (Getting colder)

Written by    Nov 22, 2016

I’ve forgotten what the cold felt like. Which is a weird way to start a blog, eh? But nonetheless pertinent, cause it’s starting to get frigid. And that’s a thing I’m not used to, due to once living in the wonderfully warm Texas– –And spending my past summer in India. India, during the summer months, is an incredibly hot place (unless you live in the Himalayas). […]

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Always Look on the Bright Side

Written by    Nov 10, 2016

Ah. Woke up today, the day after the elections. And a lot of emotions from everyone. Which was to be expected no matter who won. Now, is this going to be a blog about the consequences of the election? A blog about my thoughts on its end? Feelings about our future president? No. Enough of that’s already swarming around the hive known as the internet. […]

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