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Gravity Check

Written by    Mar 8, 2018

The last few weeks, I did something I tended to avoid during my time in high school: I trained and took part in an athletic competition. Something that would surprise my past self even more is how much I enjoyed it. Unlike other competitions, this one wasn’t based on covering a distance in the shortest time possible, lifting weights, or scoring more goals than a […]

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MATRIM (a game)

Written by    Jan 9, 2017

Scott Adams (creator of the Dilbert comic strip), once said: “Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems.” It was precisely this way of thinking that led me to try and play a popular video game on a glorified calculator. Shorty after beginning my engineering education at Ohio State, I learned the basics of programming in MATLAB software. […]

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Campus Discoveries: Cappuccino

Written by    Oct 5, 2016

It was over a page of physics homework, waiting for the time to head to my philosophy class, that I found a surprising campus gem. Now, this campus gem is not really a place, although it is associated with one. Rather, it is… the cappuccino at the Connecting Grounds Cafe. In the past if I wanted a nicer coffee, I would leave the pleasant section of campus that […]

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Five things you will do

Written by    Sep 9, 2016

Five things you will do during your first few weeks of college: Entering college, I had a lot of expectations for what college life would be like. What I found out rather quickly, is that the things I was wondering about proved to be the wrong things to analyze. Here are five things that you will encounter when starting college, that may not seem significant […]

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