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Bridging the divide

Written by    Oct 24, 2016

Although Ohio State’s diversity is one of its greatest assets, it is one of the things that students individually do not capitalize enough on. Sure, it’s easy enough to acknowledge the fact that one of your classmates is from China, or the girl in your dorm is from Somalia, but do we actually know what it means? International students make up nearly 6,200 students in […]

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To bike or not to bike

Written by    Sep 20, 2016

The true question that plagues campus transportation: are bikes worth the hassle?   Photo Credit This debate still swirls around, with opinions that range from all across the spectrum. I’ve talked to people that think bikes should be banned and I’ve talked to people who live and die by their bike. So what’s the truth?   Let’s break it down into the classic “pros and […]

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Redefining home

Written by    Sep 2, 2016

Home. It’s the place that invokes feelings of belonging, security, love. The place you live is a tangible sign of an intangible concept, a formative place, and most importantly, a piece of yourself. To separate an individual from their home is to remove a cornerstone of their personality. And here we are, off at college. Away from home. The college process involves many transitions ranging from […]

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