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When College Gameday Comes to Campus

Written by    Sep 14, 2017

At our university we have this saying.  It goes “ButforOhioState”.  I think this saying sums up a lot of our college experiences as Buckeyes.  This saying encompasses how our love for Ohio State drives us to make sacrifices for the betterment of our university and the betterment of our college days.  Over the past weekend I had a HUGE #butforohiostate moment. At some point during […]

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Navigating the 50 Clubs You Signed Up For

Written by    Aug 30, 2017

  So, the Involvement Fair just took place last week. You hiked to The Oval with your roommate ready for free t-shirts and free food.  After being completely overwhelmed by over 200 tables, using the “Involvement Fair” geo-filter, and taking a selfie with Brutus, it has been three hours. The fair was long, hot, chaotic, and you are more than ready for a long nap. As you […]

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What Meal Plan Should I Get?

Written by    Mar 6, 2017

One of the most difficult parts of the housing selection process for me last year was choosing which meal plan to get. As an incoming freshman who knew a total of five people going to Ohio State, I did not have many people to ask. After changing my meal plan five times during that first week of school, I thought I would offer some advice to any […]

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Free Sporting Events for the Best Fans in the Land!

Written by    Mar 6, 2017

We all know how important the rivalry between Michigan and Ohio State is. Students live for that cold Saturday game against TTUN (That Team Up North). That is why I am proud to say that this year I watched Ohio State beat Michigan not once, but twice! That’s strange, you might be thinking, Ohio State only played Michigan once during the football season? But here’s a fun […]

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So You Want to Make a Difference?

Written by    Feb 15, 2017

  It has been three days and I am still recovering from my twelve-hour shift of BuckeyeThon. After standing on my feet all through the night, I am exhausted. However, I have never been more excited to talk about BuckeyeThon. So, I have decided to take a quick moment to tell you all about one of Ohio State’s most popular and successful fundraising events. Each year, universities around […]

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Working in the Language Lab

Written by    Feb 9, 2017

Have you ever been to the COSI Electricity Show? You know, the one where a man with a microphone says a lot of crazy things about electricity and proceeds to make someone’s hair stand up? From a young age, I wanted to be that person up on COSI’s stage with a microphone. I might not have a microphone, but ten years later, I have found myself on COSI’s […]

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Written by    Feb 8, 2017

Two weeks ago, I spontaneously joined an intramural volleyball. While I stood in line during formal sorority rush, I made a new friend. This friend just so happened to be forming an intramural volleyball team and asked me to join. Intramurals were one of the few things on campus that I was not yet involved in; how could I say no? Although I already had way too much […]

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The Stages of Rushing

Written by    Feb 1, 2017

Stage One: This stage occurs a month before formal recruitment. You have always silently thought about rushing a sorority but never knew if it was right for you. As the days grew closer, however, you decided rushing would help you meet a ton of new friends. You hesitantly fill out the application and promise yourself that you don’t need to actually join a sorority. Stage Two: Formal recruitment […]

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How to Properly Use Your Day Off

Written by    Jan 17, 2017

  One of my favorite things about Ohio State is the endless opportunities handed to its students. One of those opportunities is MLK Day of Service. Twice a year, Pay It Forward, a community organization on campus, hosts a service day for the entire university. These days give students and faculty the chance to go out into the Columbus community and volunteer. The volunteers are split up into groups […]

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Undecided and Loving It

Written by    Jan 9, 2017

“Let’s go around the circle and say our names and our majors” was always the get-to-know-you activity on my college tours. After 18 college visits, I came to dread this activity. Not because I was shy or unhappy to be there, but because I am undecided. Undecided students have a terrible stigma floating over their heads. While applying to colleges I was told to “just pick” a random major, […]

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