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Please, go after the “pointless major” that you have always wanted

Written by    Sep 25, 2017

You might feel like everybody and their mother is a STEM major. You might have been told that’s what you have to do. You also might hate that idea, but think that’s the only way you’ll get a job.   Hi there, I’m an English major. And I’ve heard it all. I was told the only job I’ll get is at Starbucks. I was told […]

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College is expensive (but you get lots of things for free)

Written by    Sep 18, 2017

In college, you quickly learn that you have no money, and neither does anyone else. Luckily, companies realize this and try to gain your business by giving you free stuff (and, in total honesty, it works). OSU also works to provide you with things you might want or need without you having to hand over your cash. No matter what, it’s better to take advantage […]

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Is OSU too big?

Written by    Sep 13, 2017

I’ve lived in the same town in the same house my whole life. My high school was surrounded by cornfields. I was never a city girl, nor was I ever one who thought of what it would be like to leave my town. When I mentioned considering Ohio State as my next step, the responses were all the same: “But it’s so big!”   Of […]

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