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College Misconception #3: all classes have 500 people

Written by    Nov 15, 2017

When you watch movies, college is typically portrayed as a bunch of lecture halls with 500 kids in them, where none of the kids talk to each other. It looks like stadium seating, and down at the chalk board is some wise man with glasses and a tie teaching the students while they furiously take notes. I might be an anomaly, but I have yet […]

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We all have Imposter Syndrome

Written by    Nov 6, 2017

First thing’s first, if you don’t know what imposter syndrome is, let me define it: it’s the fear of being exposed as a fraud, e.g., you’re not as smart/put-together/competent as people think you are. This happens a lot the first year of college. You probably did well in high school; you got all A’s, even in AP or CCP classes. You were the smart kid. […]

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Things We College Students Live For

Written by    Oct 31, 2017

There are a variety of things that keep us going at OSU. Dogs on Campus. We’re looking at you, OSU4paws. Literally everyone wants to pet your dogs. Thank you for blessing us with them in our classes. Free delivery. It may not be even food we generally like. But when a restaurant advertises that they bring it to your door for free? Suddenly, that food is the […]

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Student Life

College Misconception #2: Professors don’t care about you

Written by    Oct 25, 2017

High School Teachers: “Take advantage of this personalized attention while you have it!! Professors won’t bother to learn your names!!! They don’t care if you fail!! You get no help!!” Surprise, surprise, another scary interpretation of college that isn’t entirely accurate. Yes, no one holds your hand here; you’re a big kid now. But that doesn’t mean we are all floundering while professors rub their […]

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Why I chose to live on campus instead of commuting

Written by    Oct 18, 2017

I live in a town twenty minutes from campus. Why wouldn’t I save the money and the hassle and stay where I’m comfortable? On-campus housing can cost a lot, and I was scared to move out. So why did I? And was it worth it? My mom was firm in encouraging me to live on campus. That was never an option for her, and she […]

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College Misconception #1: You’ll Have No Time

Written by    Oct 12, 2017

In high school, teachers, adults and even older students seemed to fill our brains with warnings and college horror stories. Lots of conversations in high school contained sentences like “enjoy your time now, you won’t have it in college” or “you aren’t prepared for how much you’ll have to do in college”. I made the common assumption that no one has time in college, and […]

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My first trip to the short north

Written by    Oct 3, 2017

It’s pretty sad, but I’ve lived in Central Ohio my whole life and never made it to the Short North. I hear about the shops and all the food constantly from friends and classmates, so I decided it was time to check it out and report back to see if it’s worth the hype. First stop: the famed North Market! Alright guys, I took my camera […]

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Please, go after the “pointless major” that you have always wanted

Written by    Sep 25, 2017

You might feel like everybody and their mother is a STEM major. You might have been told that’s what you have to do. You also might hate that idea, but think that’s the only way you’ll get a job.   Hi there, I’m an English major. And I’ve heard it all. I was told the only job I’ll get is at Starbucks. I was told […]

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College is expensive (but you get lots of things for free)

Written by    Sep 18, 2017

In college, you quickly learn that you have no money, and neither does anyone else. Luckily, companies realize this and try to gain your business by giving you free stuff (and, in total honesty, it works). OSU also works to provide you with things you might want or need without you having to hand over your cash. No matter what, it’s better to take advantage […]

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Is OSU too big?

Written by    Sep 13, 2017

I’ve lived in the same town in the same house my whole life. My high school was surrounded by cornfields. I was never a city girl, nor was I ever one who thought of what it would be like to leave my town. When I mentioned considering Ohio State as my next step, the responses were all the same: “But it’s so big!”   Of […]

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