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A Fractured but Heartfelt Rehashing of My Ohio State Experience

Written by    May 19, 2014

Now that I’ve graduated (hurray!) I’ve been wanting to write at least one conclusive post about the Ohio State experience—or, at least, mine.  Truthfully, there is no simple or holistic way to condense what it means to be a Buckeye, nor the experiences you go through.  I have an inexplicable propensity for making lists, and so I listed the first 31 things that came to […]

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10 Highs and Lows of the Average Ohio State Student

Written by    Apr 23, 2014

Misery and celebration are always better when collectively shared, if being an Ohio State student has taught me anything.

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Written by    Mar 20, 2014

I’m graduating from THE Ohio State University in a month and a half.  Which, by default, also means my undergraduate career is about to be over.

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Tumbling & Grad School Interviews (!)

Written by    Jan 26, 2014

Remember when I thought it would be fun to go to school in the Midwest? Me neither.  It’s cold.  Anyway…

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My Stream of Consciousness While Studying at the SEL*

Written by    Dec 9, 2013

*Sorry, 18th Avenue Library.  It will just always be the Science and Engineering Library to me.

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Ohio State Superlatives

Written by    Nov 26, 2013

Sometimes college life is just notttt cool.  Like that time I thought this boy in my Spanish class was looking at me all semester but really he was just looking out the window.  Or the time last week when I put my check for the water bill in one of those mail slots and then realized I forgot to put a stamp on the envelope.

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This blog post doesn’t mean I don’t still love you, RPAC

Written by    Oct 14, 2013

Real talk:  The city of Columbus is made for hyperactive people.  I am not hyperactive.  But I am regular active.

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End-of-Summer Pensiveness

Written by    Aug 1, 2013

The part of my brain that thinks up creative titles is temporarily broken, sorry.

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Thunderstorms & Kid Cereal

Written by    Jun 13, 2013

As you can tell from the title, big things have been happening in my life! Well, just kidding.

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