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It Sure Is Lonely Up Here

Written by    Oct 10, 2011 Gallery

Wow! Where did this past week go? Already it seems like I don’t have an ounce of free time. This next week begins the dreaded exam/midterm weeks that plague my mid-quarter quest to have fun. I do however get a few chances to go enjoy myself, and this past Friday I had the distinct pleasure of getting to fly myself over campus for the first […]

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And So Another Autumn Begins

Written by    Sep 27, 2011

I finally have internet! With no thanks to many the many false hopes and promises of a certain cable company that will remain unnamed, I am no longer out of the world loop. While there are only about a million positive things about living off campus, dealing with cable companies is not one of them.

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All Settled In… Almost

Written by    Sep 13, 2011

My adventure since Saturday has been a very long and rather frustrating ordeal. I started the weekend doing my least favorite activity on a Saturday morning in the fall: working for the Government. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a part of the military, but I find it extremely hard to be motivated on football Saturdays that I have to spend at an Air […]

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Great Gravity I Have Conquered You

Written by    Aug 28, 2011

“Man must rise above the Earth — to the top of the atmosphere and beyond — for only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives.” — Socrates This week I achieved the one goal that has remained a constant my entire life. This summer I have been working towards earning my private pilot’s license, and this week, I flew alone for […]

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I Am A Caveman, But Not Without Good Cause

Written by    Aug 24, 2011

And I want football…

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My Own Interesting Summer

Written by    Jul 30, 2011

For the past two weeks (and the upcoming week), I have been on military orders in Toledo, Ohio. Now I’ll be the first to admit that Toledo is not my favorite city in the world, in fact, most days I’d rather be anywhere else. I am not from there, and aside from those that I work with I have no ties to it whatsoever. This […]

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Come On Grades Just Hold A Little Longer!

Written by    Jun 1, 2011

Listening- “Wagon Wheel” by Old Crow Medicine Show Loving- Velveeta instant macaroni and cheese packs Learning- That I have math skills, they are just slow math skills. Those are the least useful kind. Oh man we’re at the end of the quarter already! Wow, that flew by. Isn’t it funny how grades seem to slip slowly downward towards the end of the quarter? How about […]

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These Are The "Good 'ol Days"

Written by    May 19, 2011

Listening: Attack Attack – “Smokahauntas” Loving: The occasional ray of warm sunshine Learning: That Christopher Columbus was kind of a jerk Almost every day around 2 PM I find myself walking across the Oval to class, and almost every day (as long as there is sun) I am bound to find hundreds of students out in bikinis and or board shorts throwing frisbees, playing with […]

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I Broke My Spring Quarter Resolution

Written by    Apr 30, 2011

…I pulled an “all-nighter”. Oh well, such is college life.

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Would The Real Spring Quarter Please Stand Up?

Written by    Apr 10, 2011

…But hey, at least I’m not an engineering major.

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