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Buckeye Mela is Finally Here!

Written by    Apr 6, 2012

The BIGGEST South Asian Event at OSU is FINALLY HERE!!!

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Taste of OSU!

Written by    Jan 30, 2012

Taste of OSU is an event that is organized by the Office of International Affairs. This event happened every year in January and is one of the best events I have witnessed at OSU. At this event the cultural organizations at OSU come together and display their culture through the mode of food and cultural exhibit.

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End of Midterms!

Written by    Nov 15, 2011

Last Monday I gave my last midterm for the quarter! I am done with those for the rest of the quarter, but it was a hard ordeal to go through for a month. I had atleast one if not two midterms every week for an entire month.

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More than a month and still not settled!

Written by    Oct 26, 2011

So as the title suggests, it has been over a month already since school started and I have not been able to settle into my new house. We still have boxes all over the house, books lying around everywhere. The dishes are not as of yet washed since before the move.

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CA – Chocoholics Anonymous

Written by    Aug 25, 2011

Something you should know about me is that, I am addicted to chocolate and anything that goes with chocolate. If you want me to do something, all you need to do is get me a nice bar of chocolate or slice of cake.

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Winding Down

Written by    Aug 17, 2011

Summer is coming to an end and with that my internship too.

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2 more months and 21!!!

Written by    Aug 5, 2011

I turn 21 in just 2 more months!!!! YAY!!!!

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Work OR College????

Written by    Jul 29, 2011

This summer I was lucky enough to end up with a internship after trying for 3 years!! After working for a month and a half now I was wondering whether I like my work life better or my college life.

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Written by    Jul 19, 2011

For the last 2 years I have been going back home to Dubai for the summer. That has been fun, meeting friends, and family. But this year I am doing something different.

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Crazy Finals!

Written by    Mar 11, 2011

All of you must have realized, but next week is FINALS WEEK!!!!!!!!

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