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TogetherOSU: Hope for the Solidarity of Students

Written by    Mar 21, 2016

The past few weeks have been…             for lack of a better explanation.

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The Cold, Hard Truth of Rejection

Written by    Dec 28, 2015

*deeply inhales* Ah, the sweet, sweet smell of rejection. We all experience it at one time or another, whether we want to or not. It’s always prefaced with some kind of naive and bubbling hope, along with a continued rehearsal of how well I’m going to take the news, should it not be what I was hoping for.

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LeaderShape: Having a Healthy Disregard for the Impossible

Written by    Aug 24, 2015

For my Crazy Ones, I love and look up to you all. If it is not already sorely evident, it should be by now: I don’t write blog posts often. I tend to write about the experiences at Ohio State that make the biggest impacts on my life. I’ll write one gigantic master post and then kind of hang out in the corner of the room […]

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See a need. Fill a need: Buckeye Edition

Written by    May 4, 2015

Wow, okay, so it has literally been like 23 eons since I have written a post for you lovely readers. And for that I have no excuse. Instead, I have an attempt at a wonderfully, plug-like post about one of the great opportunities of being at Ohio State: community service. Buck-I-SERV is a campus organization that promotes civic engagement and community service by allowing students […]

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2 down, 2 to go

Written by    May 14, 2014

*slowly walks out into the Blogging World, squinty-eyed and afraid, with arm positioned anterior to the face in order to block the brightly glowing computer screen* Get it? Because I’ve made my absence from this blog extremely prominent by disappearing for 9 years? Hi, again.

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My hair caught on fire in biology lab. What have you done with your life today?

Written by    Oct 14, 2013

It is 6:23 PM on October 14, 2013, a sunny fall day. I am currently sitting in the Thompson Library, smelling like a campfire. Why? Because, not two measly hours ago, my hair was on fire.

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How to be Less Poor in College

Written by    Aug 6, 2013

You know that saying, “You never know what you have until it’s gone”? Teaching us to be wary of our selfishness and appreciate the small things in life? Okay, you understand that; now, apply this to college.

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“So, tell me about yourself”

Written by    Jul 9, 2013

This is the question of death.

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I left my heart (and toothbrush) in San Francisco

Written by    May 31, 2013

Technically, it’s not officially summer.

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Here’s the thing about new friends…

Written by    Apr 8, 2013

They are terrifying.

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