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Thoughts From A Graduate (Almost)

Written by    Apr 29, 2016

August 21, 2013 was a beautiful day in Columbus, Ohio. It was hot, but not oppressive. The sun was bright, but not blinding. The late-summer grass on the Oval smelled of childhood picnics and nostalgia. I remember this day clearly because it was my very first day of college, a day that marked the beginning of a new chapter in my life, but seemed to […]

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Mozart’s Cafe: The Ultimate Brunch

Written by    Apr 1, 2016

As a third-year student in this great food mecca of Columbus, I have accumulated quite a list of favorite restaurants: favorite chicken restaurant (Rooster’s), favorite burger restaurant (Chop Shop), favorite restaurant for getting dessert at midnight (Buckeye Donuts)…the list goes on. But if there’s one restaurant I always come running back to, it has to be Mozart’s of Clintonville. Mozart’s is a bit different from your average college dining […]

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Reflections of a last-semester senior

Written by    Jan 13, 2016

Three short years ago, I packed my entire life into stackable boxes and drove eight hours to The Ohio State University, where the rest of my life would begin. But at that time, it didn’t feel like a beginning; it felt like an ending. I felt like I was leaving my life behind: my family, my dog, my cozy childhood room. Everything I had ever […]

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The pros of living off-campus

Written by    Nov 4, 2015

After living in the dorms for two years, I was more than ready to graduate from dining hall food, cramped quarters, and the general lack of freedom that living on campus entails. Of course, it wasn’t all bad. I made plenty of memories in Baker East and Jones Tower, and met tons of great people. Not to mention I sincerely liked Noco food, especially their brunch and […]

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Getting my German on at Oktoberfest

Written by    Sep 30, 2015

Coming from a long line of German ancestors, I feel a spiritual connection to most things German. Buttery soft pretzels? Yes. Lumps of flaky pastry dough stuffed with artery killing cream? (Otherwise known as cream puffs) Absolutely. The beer? Not so much, but it sure is fun watching people get drunk in Lederhosen. So every year when the Columbus Oktoberfest rolls around, I feel my German-ness […]

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Lessons from Year Two

Written by    May 20, 2015

Now that I’ve been away from all the stress of exams, presentations, and projects for a few weeks, I figured it was a good time to reflect on my second (!) year of college. Although everyone always says that college flies by, I respectfully disagree; in fact, this year was probably the slowest of my life. The truth about college is that when you’re immersed […]

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Car2go Adventures: Valentine’s Day Edition

Written by    Feb 16, 2015

Since Saturday was the official day of romance, my boyfriend Brian and I decided it would be fitting to go out to dinner somewhere nice (“Nice:“ Anywhere that doesn’t accept blocks or BuckID cash). After engaging in the eternal struggle of finding somewhere just fancy enough to be a special treat, but not too fancy that you leave feeling hungry and poor, we settled on a 4:30 […]

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Weekend Getaway: Cincinnati Edition

Written by    Dec 1, 2014

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I embarked on yet another one of our spontaneous travel escapades. After enduring months of midterms, papers, presentations, and other stress-inducing responsibilities, we decided that we both needed a weekend away from campus to relax. Being immobile college students severely limited our options for travel; we couldn’t drive anywhere ourselves, we didn’t want to spend a fortune, and we had to somehow make it back to […]

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Not Four Years, For Life

Written by    Oct 16, 2014

Eight months ago, I was in a situation. I had been at college for a whole semester, I had done well in my classes, and I had found myself a wonderful boyfriend. But as depressing as it sounds, I didn’t have many friends. I have always been on the quiet side, enjoying time by myself or with a small group of people. Growing up in […]

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When you just need to get away…

Written by    Sep 24, 2014

Last fall, when I was still exploring all the nooks and crannies of Columbus, I discovered the perfect place to escape from campus for some much needed relaxation: The Olentangy River Trail-a green, picturesque 13-mile path that runs from Worthington all the way to downtown. As an avid runner, I was ecstatic! After several near death experiences (this is probably a slight exaggeration) with bicyclists, skateboarders, and other pedestrians […]

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