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Real Life Experience Outside the Classroom

Written by    Feb 23, 2017

This semester, I’m in an audiology class for my major, where we learn all about how to test people’s hearing and the different types of hearing problems they might have. I’m really interested in audiology, so I was already excited to take the class. But I was even more excited to find out that we’d actually get to test someone’s hearing as part of the […]

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Books Galore!

Written by    Feb 15, 2017

I love love love books, so I was thrilled that Ohio State has Thompson Library with 11 floors full of books to enjoy. However, I quickly found out that while Thompson Library is great when you need books for a research project, it doesn’t have so many books that I want to read for fun.

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It’s Never Too Late to Try Something New!

Written by    Jan 18, 2017

As a second-semester junior, I can tell that I’m very settled into my routine. Generally I’m fine with this–I like having a routine of things I’m used to and that I enjoy. But I also realized that it’s been a while since I’ve tried anything outside of my routine, and I’m running out of time to do new things! That’s why I’m glad to report […]

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Predictions Based on the First Week

Written by    Jan 17, 2017

Now that I’ve completed my first week of classes, I’d like to think I have a pretty good idea of what to expect for the rest of the semester. I thought I would post my predictions here so that I can come back to them in May and let you all know if I was right! Anthropology 2202H: Intro to Cultural Anthropology I took another […]

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Grocery Shopping: Home vs School

Written by    Dec 28, 2016

While I’ve been home for winter break, I’ve gone grocery shopping with my mom, and I was¬†thinking about all of the ways that the experience was different compared to when I go grocery shopping by myself at school. Here are some of the main aspects that make them such varying experiences: 1. Transportation I don’t have a car at school, so getting to the grocery […]

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Peer Mentor Adventures

Written by    Dec 15, 2016

This semester, I completed my third Freshman Survey class. If you’re concerned that I failed Freshman Survey twice, don’t be–last year and this year, I was in survey class as an Honors Arts and Sciences peer mentor. I’ve really enjoyed being a peer mentor, and I’m planning to do it again next year. Here’s a little more about my experience as a peer mentor:

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Study Techniques that Saved my Grades this Semester

Written by    Nov 29, 2016

I’m in some pretty hard classes this semester, so I had to reevaluate my old study methods and make some changes. In the past, I’ve mostly gotten by with just reading over my notes a few days before an exam, but I knew that wouldn’t be enough this semester. Here’s what I’ve come up with for this semester–they’ve all been really helpful in keeping my […]

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Weird Holidays Around Ohio State: October Edition

Written by    Nov 8, 2016

October has ended, so I’m back to report on some weird holidays I celebrated at Ohio State¬†last month! October 5: World Teachers Day I used this day to appreciate all of the great teachers I’ve had at Ohio State. I’ve learned so much here, and I know it wouldn’t be possible without professors who were willing to pass on their knowledge! October 8: Pierogi Day […]

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The start of something new

Written by    Oct 25, 2016

The past few semesters, I’ve been helping out with a really cool project. A group of people and I are working to start a chapter of Gamma Rho Lambda (GRL), an LGBT-inclusive sorority, at Ohio State. It’s been so much fun to be a part of this group, so I wanted to share a little bit about it with you.

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Weird holidays around Ohio State

Written by    Oct 3, 2016

I love those obscure holidays that you’ve never heard of until you see it trending on Twitter, or Sandra Boynton posts a cute illustration about it. You know–national [insert food here] day or international [random career] day. So I’ve decided to start trying to celebrate more of these wacky holidays, and it turns out that Ohio State is a good place to do it. Here’s […]

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