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Freshman Year vs. Sophomore Year

Written by    Aug 28, 2015

This past Saturday, I returned to Ohio State for my sophomore year of classes, student organizations, and everything else that OSU has to offer. Since my freshman year was a lot of fun, I was looking forward to sophomore year, and so far, it’s been pretty great! But there are definitely some differences between this year and last year. Here are a few:

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Interview with an incoming Ohio State student

Written by    Jul 6, 2015

Last week, I went on a family vacation to Hilton Head, South Carolina. My cousin, Emma, was one of the family members who joined us on this vacation, and she’ll be starting her first year at Ohio State in August. I decided to interview her to find out about her thoughts on starting her Ohio State journey.

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Interning and learning

Written by    Jun 24, 2015

Although I’m not on campus this summer, that’s not stopping me from having some learning opportunities that I hope will help me in semesters to come. This summer, I’ve been interning with an audiologist in my city to learn more about what audiologists do, specifically in a private practice.    

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High Street meals

Written by    May 21, 2015

I know you all were eagerly waiting to find out the rest of my favorite restaurants on High Street, so here they are! 1. Noodles & Company Whenever my family visited my aunt, uncle, and cousins in Columbus, I always looked forward to our trip to the delicious restaurant Noodles & Company. When I came to Ohio State, I was extra excited to be able […]

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High Street Desserts

Written by    May 15, 2015

I’ve been home for about two weeks now, and there are a lot of things I’m appreciating about this summer: sleeping in, having my own room, and, of course, my mom’s cooking. But I was just thinking about some of my favorite places to get food on High Street, so I thought I’d share them with you. As they say: “life is short, eat dessert […]

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The Four Essential Bags to Bring to College

Written by    Apr 27, 2015

I really, really like bags. I can resist the pull of cute shoes and hats, but the minute I see a cute bag in a store, I have to remind myself that I have a whole shelf of cute bags at home already and I don’t need to buy another. So when I was packing for college over the summer, it was really hard to […]

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Rainbow Seder

Written by    Apr 13, 2015

Since I’ve gotten back from spring break, I’ve been helping plan a program that OSU Hillel (the Jewish student center) has every year: the Rainbow Seder. A traditional Passover Seder is when Jews gather to tell the story of the exodus from Egypt, and OSU Hillel had hosted two traditional Seders earlier that week. However, the Rainbow Seder was special because it had an LGBTQ […]

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Written by    Mar 30, 2015

This semester my residence hall council, Lincoln Activities Board, spent countless hours working on Lincolnpalooza, a carnival for OSU Sibs and Kids Weekend, which was this past weekend. I was on the prize committee, and although we’d finally ordered all the prizes and packaged them nicely in baskets, I couldn’t believe that it was finally the moment we’d all been waiting for.

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Goals for the rest of the semester

Written by    Mar 9, 2015

Now that the weather is finally warming up and we’ve passed the halfway point of the semester, I’ve started thinking about the goals I want to accomplish for the remainder of the semester. Besides for the obvious things, like getting good grades, here’s what I’ve come up with:

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The importance of office hours

Written by    Feb 17, 2015

You will hear this a million times in the process of getting ready for college, but let me make it a million and one: GO TO OFFICE HOURS. On the first day of class, your professor will give you the times that you can come visit them to ask questions, and you’ll probably shrug it off, thinking that you’ll never go. But please at least […]

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