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Getting a Haircut

Written by    Jul 14, 2017

If you are like me, then you need a haircut about every five weeks to tame your thick, luscious mane. If you are not like me, then you probably began undergoing the preliminary stages of male-pattern baldness in your late-teens, and I feel sorry for you. Fret not, for you still have options. Finding a good barbershop is like discovering a restaurant you love. As time […]

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Colonial Williamsburg

Written by    Jun 6, 2017

This is a bit overdue, but over spring break 2017, I had the opportunity to venture out to Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, through a four-day trip sponsored by the Office of International Affairs. Williamsburg was the capital of the Colony of Virginia from the late-1600s until 1780. In the early morning of the March 11, the trip began at the Union. Our group consisted of approximately forty […]

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My Moving Out Experience

Written by    May 22, 2017

After two years of being forced to happily living on campus, the time had come for me to move out of the dorms for the final time. Despite living with five other suitemates, I would be the final one to check out. Naturally, a fair amount of the cleaning was placed in my hands. As I scraped at the off-color slop that had caked the side […]

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Year Two at Ohio State

Written by    Oct 17, 2016

I remember how anxious I felt during move-in day as a freshman. Everything was alien. And for the first time in my life, I would have to find my own way without the help of my family. But this year, I was excited for move-in day. More importantly, I was genuinely happy to be back on campus. Move-in day was, once again, an emotional experience. […]

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The summer after freshman year

Written by    Jul 1, 2016

I think the quiet was something that I noticed immensely in the days after I went home. There was no more commotion. No one to bump into just outside my door. But the food was better. There were no more classes to prepare for and the beds were certainly softer. There was also no one to talk to apart from my family. This summer, I […]

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Arabic Class

Written by    Jan 4, 2016

In my life, I would say my contact with Arab people has been quite intermittent. Nevertheless, I have always been fascinated by them and their culture. When I was very young, I lived in Morocco for three years, and in the United Arab Emirates for one year. But as this was so long ago, my memory retains virtually nothing of my time in these two countries. I would say the most recent encounter I […]

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Traveling alone

Written by    Nov 2, 2015

Traveling is such a surreal experience. People from corners of the globe you never knew existed try to get to corners of the globe they never knew existed. And sometimes, people from corners of the globe they know like the back of their hands are trying to return there once more and be home. I remember traveling with my family was always fun. Well actually, it […]

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Not even pregnant… Just eatin’ good

Written by    Oct 23, 2015

I know that by now, you have seen numerous articles on this website about eating and where to find food. Well, I am going to offer my two cents, too, and here’s why: I also know that by now, you are sick and tired of the usual eating options; even the ones located a little off campus. Because let’s face it, how many times can you get the same order […]

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How to make friends

Written by    Sep 28, 2015

Ah, friends. Now, I am quite well endowed in this department, but something tells me you could use a little push, you sad, friendless… Got the whole gang right here. All jokes aside, making friends was one of my biggest worries about coming to college. I felt rusty. I mean, I have moved to many places, attended numerous schools, and come into contact with a […]

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Defeat the Heat

Written by    Sep 4, 2015

I reside in Bradley Hall. It is quite a nice little residence hall, if a bit antiquated. It contains windows, relatively quiet people, and an underground passage to Kennedy Commons. It pretty much has everything I could ever want during my time at college…except air conditioning. Saying goodbye to my parents a little after move-in day was reasonably hard. I walked back up to my […]

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