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The morning guide to help you have a wonderful day

Written by    Sep 14, 2016

Since I’m out and about from 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., it’s pretty important that I start my morning off right in order to have a good day. Through the past few weeks, I’ve developed a routine, and realized some vital morning rituals and “life-hacks” to ensure my day runs as smoothly as possible.

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Buckeye Broadcaster: CNN at the RNC

Written by    Aug 23, 2016

Over the summer, I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to work for CNN in preparation for The Republican National Convention, which was held in Cleveland, Ohio. 

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Welcome back, Bucks!

Written by    Aug 23, 2016

Wow! Summer sure flew by, didn’t it?

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“There’s a Cow on the Oval!”

Written by    Apr 21, 2016

No, but seriously, there was an actual cow on The Oval.

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Buckeye Awakening #14 – Come to Life

Written by    Mar 10, 2016

This past weekend, I was blessed enough to be able to attend a retreat held through the Newman Center called Buckeye Awakening. (Photo courtesy of Facebook)

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Written by    Mar 2, 2016

Today I had the opportunity to attend an awesome event called “R U OK?” Day in the Ohio Union, hosted by Buckeye Campaign Against Suicide (BCAS).

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Formal Recruitment Spring 2016

Written by    Feb 23, 2016

Now that the “rush” of recruitment is through (haha, get it? “RUSH”?), I can finally blog about my amazing experience participating in Formal Recruitment at The Ohio State University.

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Hunter Hayes and Ryan Lafferty

Written by    Nov 17, 2015

I couldn’t think of a clever title, but I think “Hunter Hayes” grabbed your attention. Thanks to OUAB (Twitter handle: @OUAB), Hunter Hayes stopped by OSU to give students our own personal concert on his 21 Tour this past Friday! Exclusively for Ohio State students, FREE with a valid Buck-ID! How cool is that?!  The concert was held at the LC Pavilion, and transportation was […]

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Top 10 favorite things at Ohio State

Written by    Nov 11, 2015

Since beginning school in August, I have had time to develop a few favorite things about The Ohio State University. As we near Thanksgiving break, I thought it’d be appropriate to make a list of 10 things I am thankful for here at Ohio State. In no particular order… Top 10 Favorites Things at OSU:

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It Must Be Monday

Written by    Oct 21, 2015

Yep… It’s definitely a Monday. A typical, sleepy, “will it ever be friday?” kind of Monday. Midterms are over, the weather is cooling off, and I’m stuck in the “time to wait for Thanksgiving Break” sort of mood. I’m starting to sing Christmas carols in my head hoping it’ll make the time pass quicker.

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