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Hello from the other side (Tales from an alumnus)

Written by    May 11, 2016

On Sunday I graduated from the greatest university in the world. It was such a bittersweet day because though I am leaving the place that has been home for the past four years, I know that I am now a Buckeye for Life. When I first came to Ohio State I cried every single day of my first semester. I didn’t know anybody here, I […]

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The end of the year in one sentence

Written by    Apr 29, 2016

So, in lieu of my own personal reflection on my first year (somehow) already ending, I have asked several of my first-year friends to sum up their emotions on the end of this year in one single sentence. “friiiiiiiiiik”   “I have mixed emotions.”   “I feel numb/happy/sad/wtf”   “Overwhelmed”   “I’m glad it’s over.”   “It’s bittersweet; I’m excited to go home but I […]

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A Saturday smorgasbord, courtesy of D-Tix

Written by    Apr 23, 2016

Recently I had an awesome food adventure courtesy of the discounted tickets available from D-Tix at the Ohio Union! It’s the second time I’ve enjoyed sweet savings from D-Tix (the first was with COSI!), and I must say, although the Columbus Food Adventures ticket was still a bit of a splurge ($25), it was over half off the actual price of a ticket, and I […]

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Year In Review

Written by    Apr 18, 2016

I think back to last summer, the summer before starting college at The Ohio State University and it all feels kind of like a dream. It feels like graduation was a lifetime ago. I had no idea what I was getting myself into by traveling hundreds of miles from home, away from my friends and family, starting as a D1 athlete and a double major. […]

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Mozart’s Cafe: The Ultimate Brunch

Written by    Apr 1, 2016

As a third-year student in this great food mecca of Columbus, I have accumulated quite a list of favorite restaurants: favorite chicken restaurant (Rooster’s), favorite burger restaurant (Chop Shop), favorite restaurant for getting dessert at midnight (Buckeye Donuts)…the list goes on. But if there’s one restaurant I always come running back to, it has to be Mozart’s of Clintonville. Mozart’s is a bit different from your average college dining […]

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