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Ben’s STEP Adventure- Day 2

Written by    Dec 27, 2016

Tuesday New Bedford and Salem 6:30 a.m. Praise the Lord/Buddha/Vishnu/your respective deity that we finally got to sleep in (relatively speaking). Luckily, our hotel’s bathroom window didn’t close fully, so we had a lovely juxtaposition between the 40 degree bathroom and the 85 degree bedroom, causing me to wake up in a sweat (and not the usual kind I get from dreams or eating too […]

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Ben’s STEP Adventure- Day 1

Written by    Dec 27, 2016

Monday Walden Pond, Old Manse, Emerson’s House, Downtown Concord, Harvard 4:30 a.m. Nothing says “FUN! RELAXING! ENJOYABLE! VACATION” like waking up at 4:30 a.m. in the middle of December. Well luckily, THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I DID. I’ll skip the boring part, but just to inform you of my journey, my brother, my Co-Ra, my friend, and myself all set off for John Glenn International at 5:15 […]

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Night at the Art Museum

Written by    Dec 20, 2016

Guys, I am ready for class. You know. Classy stuff. Classy entertainment. Classy food. I am ready for something different and cool but not painfully hipster. Now, let me tell you that I am by no means an artist. Or an art critic, for that matter. To this day I believe my art sculpture from the fourth grade did not burst in the kiln but was […]

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A (sort-of) campus tour

Written by    Oct 24, 2016

So recently my father came into town to visit me as a belated birthday gift.

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An InterACTive Class

Written by    Oct 11, 2016

At the beginning of this semester I auditioned (and was offered a spot) in Theatre 3921S, better known as InterACT, a service-learning class that tackles social issues through theatre. Specifically, InterACT brings students together to devise an original piece, perform it, and then use improv to bring the situations to life before an audience.

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Is this a play I see before me?

Written by    Oct 7, 2016

This semester, I am taking Theatre 2100, and one of the assignments is seeing three plays over the course of the semester produced by the Ohio State Department of Theatre. I saw the first of the three plays, Macbeth, last Saturday, and the performance was unlike anything I had ever seen on stage. Having read Shakespeare several times over my educational career, I thought I […]

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Being an Arts Scholars Mentor

Written by    Sep 29, 2016

So, as a sophomore in the Arts Scholars program at Ohio State, I decided to be a part of the mentoring program, in which second-years take on a “Little” and form a family with another sophomore. Six weeks in and I love it! So, I thought I would share with you all a little bit of my experience. For starters, my Little is amazing! I […]

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A Very Columbus Weekend

Written by    Sep 26, 2016

  When I was a freshman, part of Commencement was “exploring Columbus” as Ohio State is so keenly sibling to, or arguably a gear within, Ohio’s capital. While this event can certainly help students from out of the town get acquainted with the city they will now have as a secondary home, there is definitely a difference between walking around a city and experiencing it through […]

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A northerner on the Short North

Written by    Sep 6, 2016

Let’s talk about Carthage, New York. A smallish town eighty miles north of Syracuse, where summer lasts for about two seconds and the rest of the time we live in igloos. The shopping scene is just as barren: for groceries, there’s Price Chopper; for morning coffee there’s Dunkin Donuts and McDonald’s; for lunch and dinner there are a couple diners, and if you’re feeling fancy, […]

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Wicked good deals

Written by    Sep 2, 2016

I always dreamed of seeing a musical NOT put on by high-schoolers convinced they were the next Julie Andrews or Dick Van Dyke. It took 18 years, but Ohio State is the place where dreams come true. Not without stress, I might add. Let me share: As a part of the Humanities Scholar group, it is mandatory that I accrue a certain amount of points each […]

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