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Goodbye Butter! & Other Food-Related Musings

Written by    Feb 21, 2012

So I’m giving up butter for Lent.  

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Paying the Price

Written by    Feb 20, 2012

I came to a strange realization recently. In the summer leading up to college, all I kept hearing (and, to be honest, saying) was “I want to go to college”, “I can’t wait to start a new life at college”, “I need to get out of here and go off to school” and other variations of the same idea. Now that I am here, my […]

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The Longest Twenty Four Hours Of My Life: Or How I’m Fortunately Still Alive

Written by    Feb 13, 2012

Recently, I experienced a horror I had not foreseen as I embarked upon my first year away from home. It was a grueling twenty four hours, but I’m proud to say I’ve survived. What could such a terrible horror possibly be? Well I’m glad you asked.

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Why You Couldn’t Pay Me To See “The Vow”

Written by    Feb 9, 2012

I realize that I’m in the minority here, at least among women. But sitting in a dark theater openly sobbing with seven of my female friends and moping around for days afterward really just doesn’t appeal to me.

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A Few Swell Things

Written by    Feb 7, 2012

Life halfway through winter quarter is, surprisingly, a lot more thrilling than it sounds.  Here’s why:   

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GLG: Gym Laundry Groceries

Written by    Feb 4, 2012

What has school done to me to make me say, “Now that‘s my kind of Saturday”?

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Not Your Typical Circus Juggling

Written by    Feb 4, 2012

I’ve been meaning to write this blog for a long time now. I kept telling myself that whenever I find free time, I’m going to sit down and crank it out. Problem is, free time is excellent at hide and seek and finding it was quite the task. Even on the weekend, I don’t know where the time has gone. Then again, it would have […]

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orchestral STOMPing

Written by    Feb 4, 2012

Sometimes, there is nothing to do here. And then suddenly there are three things to do at the same time.

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What Class Doesn’t OSU Have?

Written by    Jan 31, 2012

No, seriously.  

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Taste of OSU!

Written by    Jan 30, 2012

Taste of OSU is an event that is organized by the Office of International Affairs. This event happened every year in January and is one of the best events I have witnessed at OSU. At this event the cultural organizations at OSU come together and display their culture through the mode of food and cultural exhibit.

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