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Surviving the Ohio Winter…

Written by    Feb 1, 2018

Winter is one thing when you’re in high school, but it’s a whole other ball game when you’re in college. In high school, you might just leave your coat at home when it’s twenty below freezing. I mean, you’ll only be outside for two minutes to walk from your car into the building. Yeah, life was easy back then… Now, we have to walk somewhere […]

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The Actual First Day of Spring

Written by    Apr 11, 2017

For reals this time. The weather’s beautiful, and so very alien after so many long months of cold. The sun is shining, the skies aren’t cloudy, there’s a pleasant breeze…Ohio State has come to life after a (according to a friend) short and mild winter. I take his word for it since it’s my first winter in a long time. And after a week of midterms, […]

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How to Deal With Ohio Weather

Written by    Apr 6, 2017

If you’ve ever lived in Ohio, you understand the complexity that is Ohio weather. If coming to Ohio State is one of your first times coming to the beautiful state of Ohio, please allow me to enlighten you on our variety of weather patterns.

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Emergencies at Ohio State

Written by    Mar 28, 2017

Aside from the emergencies of exams and various social obligations, there are very real emergencies that happen on the Ohio State campus. While not all are as serious as the terrorist event that occurred in November, it is still important to know where to seek shelter on campus. Ohio State does a very good job of informing its faculty, staff, and students about potentially hazardous […]

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First Day of Spring

Written by    Mar 21, 2017

Or so people tell me. But with it still being cold and spring break having ended, it doesn’t quite feel like the first day of spring. According to the calendar it is though. Seems rather arbitrary. And speaking of spring break, how was everyone’s? Mine was mundane sitting around the house doing nothing of importance. It was great, being a cat. And it’s given me […]

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So, How About That Weather, Huh?

Written by    Feb 13, 2017

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of confusion, change, and uncertainty. Morning, afternoon, and night are completely different from one another, and students are struggling to adjust to the inconsistency. I’m not talking about classes or tests. I’m talking about the weather.

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Laments of Spring Semester

Written by    Jan 25, 2017

I’d heard rumors of spring semester. I’d been told that it was much harder to adjust to the swing of classes, the cold weather, and staying focused on your work. I’d been warned. I was pretty confident that I wasn’t going to be affected. I mean, I didn’t have a problem with returning to classes after winter break in high school, I’ve lived in Ohio […]

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A little appreciation for Ohio weather

Written by    Jan 20, 2017

People always ask me what are some of the things that I love about Ohio State. Trust me, there are plenty; the list practically goes on and on. But, one interesting thing that always baffles people is that I love the weather here in Columbus. Now, Midwest weather is nothing to rave about. It is definitely not like Florida with its warm days, the sun […]

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Finals: Beginning at the End

Written by    Dec 14, 2016

One hour and forty-five minutes. 150 points. Six questions. My last exam. I’ve been nonstop studying for six days; my online calculus study plan says I’ve done 10 hours of practice problems, my bone-deep exhaustion tells me I’ve done almost equal that of physics. I’ve blown through 150 notecards, typed two full help sheets–full on both sides with 8 point font. I’ve studied in the Ohio […]

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Fall in love with OSU

Written by    Nov 21, 2016

I have never been a fan of fall. Not that I am completely against it, but it just has never been my thing. It had always marked the beginning of the end: the end to warm weather, the end to summer tans, pretty much the end to everything. Ok, let me now rephrase my first sentence in this blog. I have never really been a […]

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