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A little appreciation for Ohio weather

Written by    Jan 20, 2017

People always ask me what are some of the things that I love about Ohio State. Trust me, there are plenty; the list practically goes on and on. But, one interesting thing that always baffles people is that I love the weather here in Columbus. Now, Midwest weather is nothing to rave about. It is definitely not like Florida with its warm days, the sun […]

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Finals: Beginning at the End

Written by    Dec 14, 2016

One hour and forty-five minutes. 150 points. Six questions. My last exam. I’ve been nonstop studying for six days; my online calculus study plan says I’ve done 10 hours of practice problems, my bone-deep exhaustion tells me I’ve done almost equal that of physics. I’ve blown through 150 notecards, typed two full help sheets–full on both sides with 8 point font. I’ve studied in the Ohio […]

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Fall in love with OSU

Written by    Nov 21, 2016

I have never been a fan of fall. Not that I am completely against it, but it just has never been my thing. It had always marked the beginning of the end: the end to warm weather, the end to summer tans, pretty much the end to everything. Ok, let me now rephrase my first sentence in this blog. I have never really been a […]

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Day trip to Fez, Morocco

Written by    Jun 21, 2016

Studying abroad can be a lot of work, so this weekend I took a break and took a short trip to Fez, Morrocco.

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Meeting the monkeys in Ifrane

Written by    Jun 14, 2016

This weekend a few friends and I took a taxi to Ifrane, Morocco in the Atlas Mountains to see an 800-year-old tree and meet some monkeys. My photography skills leave much to be desired, so if you want to see really beautiful pictures of Ifrane, you can find some here.   The one-hour cab ride only cost about $3 each way to get up to Ifrane, and the […]

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Ben Babbles ‘Bout the Bike Paths

Written by    Jun 9, 2016

Did you like that alliteration in the title? I thought so. As you know, The OSU is located in the lovely capital city of Columbus, OH. As mentioned in every Welcome Week program, Columbus is the 15th largest city in the nation (Surprising, am I right? You would think it would be something like Toledo). Columbus is not only the capital of the state, but […]

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Lincoln Palooza

Written by    Apr 11, 2016

It’s all downhill from here. My whole freshman year culminated to last weekend, Sibs and Kids Weekend. I mentioned in a previous post about being on Lincoln House’s activities board, and while we do put on events throughout the year inside Lincoln, the biggest event we prepare for throughout the year is Lincoln Palooza. What’s Lincoln Palooza, you ask? I’m glad you asked, since I’ve […]

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How to Celebrate Spring at Ohio State

Written by    Apr 9, 2016

It’s spring at Ohio State! Kind of. Spring break has come and gone, March 20th has come and gone, but it was just hailing outside, so it’s tough to say what season it actually is in Ohio right now. But I figured with spring (hopefully) coming, it would be a great idea to get Lincoln Tower in the vernal mood with an event, and maybe […]

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Venturing Off Campus

Written by    Feb 22, 2016

I went so far away from campus today, I couldn’t even post to the OSU snapchat story. That’s right, I went 3.4 miles away. #Adventurer

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Escaping Columbus in the cold

Written by    Feb 15, 2016

So it’s cold here. Like really cold. As someone who both enjoys the outdoors and is significantly lacking in snow gear, this time of year is difficult. However my suitemate and I managed to escape the frigid weather with the help of OSU Parks & Rec this weekend!

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