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Going Home: How I Know I Chose the Right School

Written by    Dec 8, 2017

Like many of you, I went home for Thanksgiving this past week. I enjoyed the time spent with my family and pets, and heavily regret the absurd amounts of food that I ate. All in all, it was a great time, and I was happy to be home. Right before departing for home, though, I was overcome with a strange feeling. Why don’t I want […]

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Reflecting on My First Semester of College

Written by    Dec 8, 2017

I cannot believe I’m almost halfway through my first year of college! Time really does fly when you’re having fun! I’ve experienced a ton of change since moving to Columbus in August, but I can’t imagine myself anywhere else. I would like to reflect on everything I’ve experienced so far. The Beginning Looking back, I have to say the first couple weeks of the semester […]

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OSU Resources I wish I knew about earlier

Written by    Nov 28, 2017

OSU is here to help. They help with your homework, classes, job searches . . . even finding free or cheap tickets to events. With the amount of resources here though, it’s hard to keep track of them or even know about them. I have decided to compile a list of what I consider to be the best resources everyone should know about: The language […]

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Fashionably #ForTheKids

Written by    Nov 8, 2017

I’m no expert when it comes to fashion, but I knew BuckeyeThon’s annual fashion show benefiting the kids of Nationwide Children’s Hospital would not require me to be one in order to have a great time supporting the kids. And I wasn’t wrong. 🙂

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An Exciting Announcement

Written by    Nov 2, 2017

Eek!! (substitute whatever noise of excitement most tickles your whiskers). As of last week, I officially tacked on my second minor: Film Studies. More than just being able to minor is something of interest, this was an exciting moment for me because it officially marks my career shift. When I came to The Ohio State University, I was certain I wanted to be an English […]

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How to survive Freshman Orientation

Written by    Oct 18, 2017

Coming to campus this past June was a crazy yet wonderful time! I learned so much in just two short days. Here are a few tips for making the most out of your freshman orientation experience: Plan Ahead Getting prepared for orientation before you arrive will save you so much stress. Try to make it a habit to check your buckeyemail daily. All of the […]

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Top 5 Reasons to Start College Undecided

Written by    Sep 19, 2017

I never planned on starting my college career in the University Exploration program, but beginning here ended up being one of my smartest decisions to date. Rather than rushing into something that I only wanted to do halfheartedly, just so I could tell other people I was doing something that sounded good, I decided to start off without a major. Here’s just a few of […]

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Is OSU too big?

Written by    Sep 13, 2017

I’ve lived in the same town in the same house my whole life. My high school was surrounded by cornfields. I was never a city girl, nor was I ever one who thought of what it would be like to leave my town. When I mentioned considering Ohio State as my next step, the responses were all the same: “But it’s so big!”   Of […]

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My First Summer “Back” at Home: a Lesson

Written by    Jul 31, 2017

Summer. For most it’s a brief time full of sun, tanning, relaxing, and water in one or more of its many forms. Now, usually this applies to me as well, however…this summer was my first summer “back” at home after living at school all year, and I was not excited about it. As summer is now coming to a close, I am now able to […]

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Ask a Senior: Was Ohio State the Right Place?

Written by    Jul 6, 2017

Every time my mom drove me home freshman year, she asked me, “Do you think Ohio State was the right place for you to go?” My reply was always something along the lines of, “I like it at Ohio State, but I don’t know if it means that I wouldn’t be happy anywhere else.” I graduated from Ohio State this May. After graduation, my mom asked […]

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