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Grocery and Food Tips For the Dorm Life

Written by    May 24, 2017

Lets talk about everyone’s favorite topic: food. As the school year came to a close and I moved out of my residence hall the final time and into an apartment just off campus for the summer. It was time to take on quite a few responsibilities including going grocery shopping. Its funny how much you take your meal plan for granted until it is time to […]

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What Meal Plan Should I Get?

Written by    Mar 6, 2017

One of the most difficult parts of the housing selection process for me last year was choosing which meal plan to get. As an incoming freshman who knew a total of five people going to Ohio State, I did not have many people to ask. After changing my meal plan five times during that first week of school, I thought I would offer some advice to any […]

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6 Little Things Ohio State has to Offer

Written by    Feb 14, 2017

If you’re considering Ohio State, I’m sure you’ve got a million things on your pros and cons list. Not to overload you, but here are a few more things to add. All of the below are things I didn’t know/didn’t think about before I accepted my admission. We’re a Coca-Cola sponsored campus. Which means that your dining dollars and swipes can only buy you coke […]

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Where to Eat (part 1)

Written by    Jan 30, 2017

There are lots of great places to eat on and off campus. Here’s one:

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5 Things to Do Instead of Eating Leftover Sweets

Written by    Dec 29, 2016

I have a strong suspicion that I’m not alone in saying that winter break has equated to me eating a lot less healthily, to put it politely. And, after recently celebrating Christmas, the situation escalated drastically. I spent the entire day after Christmas eating, and only one thing wasn’t some form of leftover dessert. And there’s still leftovers…and I’m still eating them. (Don’t tell anyone, […]

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Grocery Shopping: Home vs School

Written by    Dec 28, 2016

While I’ve been home for winter break, I’ve gone grocery shopping with my mom, and I was thinking about all of the ways that the experience was different compared to when I go grocery shopping by myself at school. Here are some of the main aspects that make them such varying experiences: 1. Transportation I don’t have a car at school, so getting to the grocery […]

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Weird Holidays Around Ohio State: October Edition

Written by    Nov 8, 2016

October has ended, so I’m back to report on some weird holidays I celebrated at Ohio State last month! October 5: World Teachers Day I used this day to appreciate all of the great teachers I’ve had at Ohio State. I’ve learned so much here, and I know it wouldn’t be possible without professors who were willing to pass on their knowledge! October 8: Pierogi Day […]

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Maryland and Ohio food; what it’s like to leave your comfort zone

Written by    Oct 21, 2016

I came to Ohio State so excited to FINALLY be leaving Maryland, after living there for my entire life. I couldn’t wait to see what else was out there for me to see, and who else was out there for me to meet. It was pretty apparent within the first few days that I was out of my element. Mostly everyone I met within the […]

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What Ohio State tour guides really think

Written by    Oct 14, 2016

One of my good friends, Matt, who is a fellow RA, also spends his free time as a university ambassador, giving tours of our campus and introducing incoming freshmen to what opportunities Ohio State has for them. So I sat down with him and asked him a few questions for his unique perspective of THE Ohio State University. What’s your favorite thing about OSU? The […]

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Campus Discoveries: Cappuccino

Written by    Oct 5, 2016

It was over a page of physics homework, waiting for the time to head to my philosophy class, that I found a surprising campus gem. Now, this campus gem is not really a place, although it is associated with one. Rather, it is… the cappuccino at the Connecting Grounds Cafe. In the past if I wanted a nicer coffee, I would leave the pleasant section of campus that […]

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