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Confessions of a Student Organization President

Written by    Feb 16, 2018

During my first Boo Radley Society meeting, I was impressed by the leadership and immediately knew I wanted to hold office one day. Fast forward to 2018 as I finish up my term as the 2017-2018 President!

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Lana Del Rey at the Schott

Written by    Feb 12, 2018

Although there are many perks to attending The Ohio State University, one of my favorites is being in Columbus, Ohio. Being in a large city creates many opportunities to see some of my favorite performers in various venues near campus. A few weeks ago, I spontaneously decided to see Lana del Rey at the Schottenstein Center. The Jerome Schottenstein Center, or more commonly known as […]

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Rush Week: Part 2

Written by    Feb 1, 2018

After beginning the recruitment process, I’m proud to say I made it through the second week! This has been one of the craziest things I’ve experienced in college so far, but I’m so glad I stuck with it. Here’s how I concluded rush week! Day 4: Sisterhood I patiently waited all week for the sisterhood round to arrive. I was extremely nervous to see which […]

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Getting Involved in Leadership

Written by    Jan 22, 2018

Public speaking is never easy, especially if you aren’t an extroverted person. However, it is one of those things you just have to do sometimes. Unlike a class where you may HAVE to speak publicly, in a club or organization you should want to speak publicly. There are so many benefits of advancing in a club or organization. Perhaps the most important is that employers […]

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Surviving Orientation (and maybe, possibly, liking it?) TIP #3 & 4

Written by    Jan 22, 2018

(Photo by OSU College of Public Health)   Continuing the series on orientation, you may be wondering: Great, I’m getting a feel for what life on campus will be like, starting to make new friends but what about the whole, you know, school part. Which brings us to our next tip— Tip #3: Take scheduling your classes seriously (but don’t stress!) When staring at the […]

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Surviving the First Semester: Advice from an OSU Freshman

Written by    Jan 2, 2018

Although August seems to be just yesterday, the reality of the matter is that Autumn semester has come and gone, leaving freshmen such as myself with a lot to look back upon. While I still have 3.5 years to go at The Ohio State University, I want to take a moment to share some of my biggest tips for success as a new freshman.   “Tacky” […]

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The Truth About Housing

Written by    Jan 2, 2018

The three sections of campus all cater to different types of people and thus everyone seems to be pretty adamant about the “best place to live.” The truth is, though, each section of campus offers a different experience and no experience is better or worse than another. Here is a guide to what each section of campus has to offer: 1. North campus The north […]

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Campus Life

Going Home

Written by    Jan 2, 2018

Perhaps one of the hardest parts about going to college is the fact that you will at times wonder where your real home is. Is home the place you left all those months ago? Is it the place where you played in the streets as a young child? Or is it quaint dorm room that you have surprisingly come to love? These are the questions […]

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Fall Semester Memories

Written by    Dec 15, 2017

Since I’m graduating in the spring, I just finished my last undergraduate fall semester ever. I can’t believe how fast the time went! Fall semester is so much fun because everyone has so much energy for the new school year, and I was just thinking about some favorite memories from each of my fall semesters, so I wanted to share them with you.

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Reflecting on My First Semester of College

Written by    Dec 8, 2017

I cannot believe I’m almost halfway through my first year of college! Time really does fly when you’re having fun! I’ve experienced a ton of change since moving to Columbus in August, but I can’t imagine myself anywhere else. I would like to reflect on everything I’ve experienced so far. The Beginning Looking back, I have to say the first couple weeks of the semester […]

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