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I Do Really Well in a Really Hard Class

Written by    May 9, 2017

It’s January. To be specific, it’s the first day of school after a long and difficult autumn semester, one which freaked me out so much I dropped all my honors classes except one in exchange for regular classes. I’m in Jennings Hall for a 9 a.m. Math 1172 class. The next class in my calculus series after the one I skated through and disappointed myself in […]

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I learned my lesson

Written by    May 1, 2017

Last semester, the first time I picked up my calculus textbook was six days before the final. All semester, since my lecturer was a little dull, and since it was a class I had already technically taken (Calc 1 and 2), I didn’t feel I needed to study as much. This was a feeling I carried all semester, until seven days before the final when […]

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A Woke Study Break!

Written by    Apr 27, 2017

So, with finals coming around the corner, my study breaks have been unhealthy Netflix binges (and I’m watching literal trash, so that makes it worse). I decided to try to find shorter, more stress-relieving study break material. So, I turned to “Milk and Honey” by Rupi Kaur, a book of modern, feminist poetry. But wait! Don’t rule it out because it’s poetry. I hate that […]

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We’re Almost There!

Written by    Apr 20, 2017

With only two days of classes left in the school year, it’s hard to believe that this year flew by so quickly. Whether you’re finishing your very first year of college or you’re graduating, it’s important to study for your finals, de-stress, and don’t forget to continue making memories! The year isn’t over yet; there’s still time to have fun with your friends before you […]

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Best Study Places on Campus

Written by    Apr 4, 2017

Its the final stretch of the year–yay! Whether you still have a few last minute midterms to knock out like I did yesterday (biochemistry and organic chemistry–yuck), a paper or two, or you are getting a big head start on finals season, choosing the right study spots for what you need to get done is essential.

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The End is Near

Written by    Apr 4, 2017

How is it possible that the year is almost over? With under 30 days left, it’s important to make every single one count, Buckeyes. We’ve almost made it. For some of us, it’s our first experience here at Ohio State, and for some others, this is the last.

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What I learned from first final exams in college

Written by    Dec 22, 2016

One thing that other freshman friends and I agree about: final exams in college count for more of the final grade than the ones in high school. Unlike high school where a number of in-class components, such as assignments and quizzes, give you a better chance to bring up the grade for the class, in college the final exam grade itself is a big portion of the […]

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Finals: Beginning at the End

Written by    Dec 14, 2016

One hour and forty-five minutes. 150 points. Six questions. My last exam. I’ve been nonstop studying for six days; my online calculus study plan says I’ve done 10 hours of practice problems, my bone-deep exhaustion tells me I’ve done almost equal that of physics. I’ve blown through 150 notecards, typed two full help sheets–full on both sides with 8 point font. I’ve studied in the Ohio […]

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Positivity (Finals Week Edition)

Written by    Dec 12, 2016

Over the past few days, Smith-Steeb has been much quieter than usual. Hours-long study sessions and countless essay rewrites are dominating the attention of students as finals week approaches. Add that to the end of football season, the freezing temperatures, and the sun setting at 5:30 and it may seem like a gloom is settling over campus. But as someone who prefers to look at […]

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The Ambivalence of Ambition and Inspiration for Independence

Written by    Dec 6, 2016

An alternate, less pretentious title: Finals Week. I would like to believe that I will someday save the world. Don’t you? And that’s, like, what’s supposed to motivate us, right? Take this one microbiology course and it’ll enable you to, let’s say, one day become a doctor. That dream of being a doctor is ambition, and we are ambitious beings, and this ought to be […]

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