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Murphy’s Law and Freshman Robotics

Written by    Mar 6, 2017

Yesterday, four hours into a group meeting with my Fundamentals of Engineering Honors robot group, I had a realization. Fiddling with erector pieces, looking at a robot that could not even drive properly, let alone execute the graded task that it had to perfect in less than 24 hours, I said. “It seems like whatever can go wrong, will go wrong with this stupid thing.” […]

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Living on Campus: How to Choose Your Residence Hall

Written by    Feb 21, 2017

If you’re reading this, I’m going to assume one of two things: you’re an incoming freshman and you JUST CAN’T WAIT to decide where you’re going to live (!!!!!!!) or you’re an incoming freshman and you REALLY REALLY REALLY HAVE NO IDEA where you’re going to live. Both are great situations to be in because LITERALLY EVERYBODY that is new to college is wondering the […]

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New Semester, New You?

Written by    Jan 19, 2017

Last semester’s grades got you down? Feeling unsure about your major or what you want to do for the rest of your life? Lost and insecure (you found me, you found me…sorry, I had to.) about yourself in general? Take a breather. You’re not alone! Lucky for you, Ohio State realizes that almost everyone goes through this, myself included. There’s tons of resources right on […]

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Peer Mentor Adventures

Written by    Dec 15, 2016

This semester, I completed my third Freshman Survey class. If you’re concerned that I failed Freshman Survey twice, don’t be–last year and this year, I was in survey class as an Honors Arts and Sciences peer mentor. I’ve really enjoyed being a peer mentor, and I’m planning to do it again next year. Here’s a little more about my experience as a peer mentor:

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Taylor Tower Takes the Town

Written by    Nov 18, 2016

Alternatively titled, “Buckeyes in the Big City.” Over Veteran’s Day weekend, my roommates and I had the opportunity to visit Chicago, an activity the university sponsored through the Honors Living Communities at Taylor, Bradley, and Lincoln Tower. I’ve visited the city a fair number of times; over the years I’ve had two friends move to the area. Most touristy things I’d already done before getting […]

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Being an Arts Scholars Mentor

Written by    Sep 29, 2016

So, as a sophomore in the Arts Scholars program at Ohio State, I decided to be a part of the mentoring program, in which second-years take on a “Little” and form a family with another sophomore. Six weeks in and I love it! So, I thought I would share with you all a little bit of my experience. For starters, my Little is amazing! I […]

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A Very Columbus Weekend

Written by    Sep 26, 2016

  When I was a freshman, part of Commencement was “exploring Columbus” as Ohio State is so keenly sibling to, or arguably a gear within, Ohio’s capital. While this event can certainly help students from out of the town get acquainted with the city they will now have as a secondary home, there is definitely a difference between walking around a city and experiencing it through […]

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Stress, anxiety and fun

Written by    Sep 21, 2016

College is unbelievably fun. Almost everyday there is something new to do and experience. At the same time, we all have classes that are very stressful. I know for me it has been very hard to study. Even when I do the necessary precautions such as going to the library, leaving my phone behind and sitting up straight, I still have found myself constantly daydreaming […]

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Wicked good deals

Written by    Sep 2, 2016

I always dreamed of seeing a musical NOT put on by high-schoolers convinced they were the next Julie Andrews or Dick Van Dyke. It took 18 years, but Ohio State is the place where dreams come true. Not without stress, I might add. Let me share: As a part of the Humanities Scholar group, it is mandatory that I accrue a certain amount of points each […]

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Chemistry: A Bonding Experience

Written by    May 13, 2016

Dear ChemSquad™, I just survived the hardest year of my undergrad career and I wouldn’t have gotten through it without you.     You endured the 1am homework crazies with me and willingly explained over and over that stuff that I got hung up one even though it probably wouldn’t be on the test.

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