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Harvest 2011

Written by    Nov 1, 2011

This past weekend I went on a fall conference retreat, ‘Harvest,’ with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, the Christian organization I am involved with on campus.  It was by far the best weekend I’ve had since coming to Ohio State.  And to think I almost didn’t go!

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More than a month and still not settled!

Written by    Oct 26, 2011

So as the title suggests, it has been over a month already since school started and I have not been able to settle into my new house. We still have boxes all over the house, books lying around everywhere. The dishes are not as of yet washed since before the move.

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Pop Culture 1.0

Written by    Oct 12, 2011

It’s 1.0 because it’s a routine I’m going to start: giving you the latest pop culture updates including some of my favorite music, movies, TV shows, etc.

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Last Friday Night: Or How Embracing My Nerdy Side Paid Off

Written by    Oct 11, 2011

This weekend, my Friday night was spent playing Apples to Apples and Catchphrase into the wee hours of the morning; talking about interests, experiences, and hopes for the Browns this season; and even ordering a round of insomnia cookies.

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It Sure Is Lonely Up Here

Written by    Oct 10, 2011 Gallery

Wow! Where did this past week go? Already it seems like I don’t have an ounce of free time. This next week begins the dreaded exam/midterm weeks that plague my mid-quarter quest to have fun. I do however get a few chances to go enjoy myself, and this past Friday I had the distinct pleasure of getting to fly myself over campus for the first […]

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My First Quarter Without Swipes

Written by    Oct 6, 2011

Despite the many, many upsides to living on campus, there is just one thing that you will always miss. That one thing that brought nothing but good memories. That one thing you will never forget. I’m talking, of course, about meal swipes.

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Will You Be My Friend?: Or a Week of Introductions

Written by    Oct 4, 2011

As my first official week as a college student draws to a close, it was very hard to choose a topic for this blog post. So many things have happened in the last few days. My life has been a whirlwind of new experiences, from new social functions, to actually having to keep my room clean. I’ve found the laundry room on my floor (though I haven’t actually […]

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Dorm Habits

Written by    Oct 3, 2011

Are you embarrassed by leaving your door open during the day? Is your bed constantly being used as a storage place? Is your desk cluttered? Can you not see the floor of your room? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might have formed some bad habits in the short time we’ve been on campus. Or maybe you brought these habits from […]

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I feel like Luna Lovegood.

Written by    Oct 3, 2011

Well, at least the actress that played her in the Harry Potter movies, Evanna Lynch.

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Sunny Days Ahead

Written by    Sep 26, 2011

In the meantime, expect rain.  Lots and lots and lots of rain.

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