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College misconception #3: you won’t get an A…in anything

Written by    May 24, 2018

Ah, yes, another fear tactic used in high school: “People don’t get A‘s in college.” Well, I have gotten A‘s in college. Which causes me to believe that this isn’t true. But I would like to look into where this comes from. I think this statement is supposed to be “it’s not as easy to get an A in college classes as in high school classes.” […]

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Where, Oh Where, Has Rylan Been?

Written by    Apr 10, 2018

Hi Y’all! It’s me, Rylan. Yes, I’m alive(?)! I’ve been a little absent from the blog this semester, and I wanted to explain why. Hopefully, in the process, I might also shed some light on the possibilities of student life at OSU and the art of being busy (which are both more apt topics than me simply venting about my routine). Here’s what I’ve been up […]

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Bouncing back from a bad grade

Written by    Mar 12, 2018

I’m like a lot of other OSU students: straight A’s in high school, top of the class, perfectionist, etc etc. So naturally, I got to college and told myself I wasn’t going to change that. I set the same painfully high standards for myself as I did for the last four years of education. I thought it would be just as simple in college as […]

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Written by    Mar 9, 2018

One of the aspects of college life that I’ve struggled with most lately has been prioritizing. By this, I mean deciding what tasks and activities are important enough to actually be included in my daily agenda (because there’s no possible way to fit everything that I want to accomplish into a single day). Lately, homework and sleep have been my priorities; homework for obvious reasons, […]

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Being sick at college

Written by    Mar 8, 2018

At this point in the year, I consider myself an expert at being ill in college. No matter what I do, it seems that a cold or strep throat are just a few steps behind me, waiting to pounce. So, here’s a list of the practices I’ve learned that make being sick while away from home slightly more bearable: The Wilce Student Health Center: PLEASE […]

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Confessions of a Student Organization President

Written by    Feb 16, 2018

During my first Boo Radley Society meeting, I was impressed by the leadership and immediately knew I wanted to hold office one day. Fast forward to 2018 as I finish up my term as the 2017-2018 President!

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Internship Mindset

Written by    Feb 14, 2018

Hiya there, pals! Last week I celebrated (read: solid head nod) my first month-iversary with my internship. Okkkkk, technically I also interned for the same company over the summer, but I took a break last semester. And, this is my first time holding down an internship while also taking a full course load of classes. As a junior prematurely gaining graduation anxiety, I’ve found myself […]

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The best decision I made freshman year

Written by    Feb 12, 2018

You probably hear a lot of scheduling advice. Don’t take any 8 a.m.s! Don’t take online classes, you’re lying to yourself if you think you’ll do the work! Schedule all your classes close together! No, spread out your classes! Don’t you DARE take physics and chem in the same semester! Well, I have the best piece of scheduling advice for you, and I know it’s the best from […]

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The College Guide to Juggling

Written by    Nov 27, 2017

Howdy! Alright, so plot twist: I don’t actually know how to juggle–at least not in the literal sense (I’m still getting over the loss of my circus career). But, I do know a thing or two about life juggling.

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We all have Imposter Syndrome

Written by    Nov 6, 2017

First thing’s first, if you don’t know what imposter syndrome is, let me define it: it’s the fear of being exposed as a fraud, e.g., you’re not as smart/put-together/competent as people think you are. This happens a lot the first year of college. You probably did well in high school; you got all A’s, even in AP or CCP classes. You were the smart kid. […]

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