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AU18 Review of Non-Major Classes

Written by    Dec 14, 2018

If you’re a communication major, you should read my previous post. But if you’re curious about other classes, keep reading. HUMNTR 2210—Human Nutrition online with Angela Collene This semester I took my last science class ever, which I am thrilled about. I chose this class because I needed a biological science GE credit, and since I took 17 credit hours, I knew having an online […]

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AU18 Review of Major Classes

Written by    Dec 14, 2018

Three semesters down and four to go! I took 17 credit hours this semester, so it was pretty crazy. I really enjoyed my Communication classes this semester; they helped confirm that strategic communication is the best major for me. COMM 2367—Persuasive Communication with Kristie Sigler I took this class as a major requirement, but there were also a lot of non-comm majors in the class […]

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Your Guide to Textbooks

Written by    Nov 17, 2017

So many freshmen make the mistake of overpaying for their textbooks. Here’s how to avoid it: 1. Don’t buy a book you don’t need! Some professors will list their books as “optional,” which usually means you don’t need to purchase them. However, you can also ask other students or check Rate My Professor to find out if the textbook is really necessary. There’s also nothing […]

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I learned my lesson

Written by    May 1, 2017

Last semester, the first time I picked up my calculus textbook was six days before the final. All semester, since my lecturer was a little dull, and since it was a class I had already technically taken (Calc 1 and 2), I didn’t feel I needed to study as much. This was a feeling I carried all semester, until seven days before the final when […]

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Hidden Gem Resources

Written by    Apr 5, 2016

You have probably heard about utilizing your resident advisor, checking out books from Thompson Library, and going to the Student Involvement Fair, but how many of the following hidden gem resources have you heard of or used?

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Where to buy and sell your textbooks

Written by    Dec 21, 2015

There is a ritual almost every student must go through when starting a new semester: buying textbooks. While many of us would not hesitate to drop a couple hundred dollars on a new electronic that we’ve been wanting or a couple weeks’ worth of good food, when it comes to buying textbooks we morph into the Grinch and suddenly $50 seems too much for our […]

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Study Break Thoughts: How to Stay Focused

Written by    Dec 14, 2015

I have two finals tomorrow that are in the hardest classes I have ever taken, general chemistry and calculus two. Yet here I am advising my readers how to stay focused while studying… touché. These few items have been so helpful for me that I completed two, four-hour “study shifts” at the library today without getting distracted or feeling worn out. Trust me, here are […]

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When life hands you calculus….

Written by    Sep 11, 2015

It’s officially week 3 of the school year and if you’re anything like me, you’ve already had like 5,000 quizzes, 400 tests, and written 24 essays. Okay, I may have inflated the numbers just a tad bit, but hey, that’s literally how it feels.

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Textbooks on the cheap

Written by    Jul 28, 2015

There can be no denying that when you add textbook costs to room, board, and tuition, the cost of college can be daunting. Luckily, these days there are plenty of alternatives to brand new full-price books, and these alternatives can save a lot of money. Here are some great ways to help you avoid shelling out full price at the bookstore: 1. Check on Amazon. Amazon overfloweth with used […]

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