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The Easiest Jobs to Take On During a Semester

Written by    May 24, 2019

If you’re like the majority of college students everywhere, you need money. You’re probably in debt right now. You’re a confused young adult. Don’t you worry, I feel you. One of the hardest things to find balance in is work life and school life when you’re a full-time student. How do you have enough time to do your homework, study, and actually get to sleep […]

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Where, Oh Where, Has Rylan Been?

Written by    Apr 10, 2018

Hi Y’all! It’s me, Rylan. Yes, I’m alive(?)! I’ve been a little absent from the blog this semester, and I wanted to explain why. Hopefully, in the process, I might also shed some light on the possibilities of student life at OSU and the art of being busy (which are both more apt topics than me simply venting about my routine). Here’s what I’ve been up […]

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Working in the Language Lab

Written by    Feb 9, 2017

Have you ever been to the COSI Electricity Show? You know, the one where a man with a microphone says a lot of crazy things about electricity and proceeds to make someone’s hair stand up? From a young age, I wanted to be that person up on COSI’s stage with a microphone. I might not have a microphone, but ten years later, I have found myself on COSI’s […]

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Harry Potter and the Legend of Studying Abroad

Written by    Nov 19, 2015

Studying abroad often seems like a myth to most people, like something that you hear about regularly but never actually seems achievable. Everyone wants to travel the world or experience something that they haven’t before but resources may be limited or you may not even know where to start. You have a goal but no way of knowing how to achieve it. This is where I […]

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Summer Vs. School Year

Written by    Jul 2, 2015

Summertime used to mean going to the pool with my brothers, reading endless books, and sleeping in until noon. As a college student, summertime means waking up early, going to work five times a week, and staying in touch with friends who are still in town. Here is my ranking of the summer vs. the school year. Sleep schedule Now I sleep in during the […]

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How to have the most productive summer ever

Written by    May 11, 2015

After the stress of finals, it is all too easy to go home and collapse on the couch. After a few days of lazing about, however, boredom becomes to set in. Some people fail to realize that summer is actually the perfect opportunity to be productive. What you do during the summer can determine how easily you will find a job, or get into graduate […]

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Summer Through a Filter

Written by    Aug 31, 2014

This summer I stayed in Columbus, and it was one of the best additions to my college career. I was able to work at Exel Logistics downtown, eat at a lot of awesome restaurants, and explore all that CBus (and even other cities in Ohio) has to offer. I figured the best way to share my summer with you all was through the Instagram worthy […]

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That 9-5 Life

Written by    Jun 4, 2014

I’ve been spending some time reading the First Things First Blog, which is currently being written by my friends, the Orientation Leaders, and while they’re orienting the newest Buckeyes to campus, I’ve been busy at my first internship!!

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Internship 2013: Recap

Written by    Dec 9, 2013

I know the majority of my past blog posts have been about my internship, but this is the last one I swear! I got to learn so much.

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Welcome To The Real World.

Written by    Sep 14, 2013

The best thing about college is finding out what you’re going to do in life. Whether it’s because of your major, job, or someone you meet, things fall into place in college and you learn truly who you are.

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