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Safe Zones at Ohio State

Written by    Mar 13, 2017

Last week, I attended an LGBT Safe Zone training put on by Ohio State’s Multicultural Center. As someone who is involved in several LGBT groups on campus, I went as a refresher on information I was already somewhat familiar with. However, I was excited to see that most of the other participants in the training were Ohio State faculty and staff members who were eager […]

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Resource Profile: The Writing Center

Written by    Feb 6, 2017

Welp, Ohio State has this incredible thing called the Writing Center. It’s purrrdy great, if you ask me. However, I think it is a pretty under-used resource on campus that many people could really benefit from if they knew more about it. I am admittedly biased on this matter since I am currently taking a class in preparation to work in the writing center. BUT…that […]

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Yes, There Is A Hammock Club

Written by    Jan 23, 2017

For those of you who don’t know, second semester of freshman year of college is a little bit like seasons 1 – 8 of “How I Met Your Mother.” As in, that’s what it’s famous for. Armed with the confidence of surviving finals and rattled by the shock of going home for winter break and finding yourself utterly bored, you’re ready to come back. And […]

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An Open Letter

Written by    Nov 14, 2016

Over the last week, there has been no greater topic on campus than the 2016 presidential election outcome. Honestly, I certainly was disappointed that my candidate lost — and as an immigrant had to take a bit to remind myself that I am still happy to have become a citizen of this country. As a result, I sat down in the Knowlton Hall Cafe and […]

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A (sort-of) campus tour

Written by    Oct 24, 2016

So recently my father came into town to visit me as a belated birthday gift.

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Listen to Pericles

Written by    Oct 11, 2016

Well, this has been an eventful week for the election, hasn’t it? You can almost hear China laughing at us over the sound of Great Britain’s weeping. A fellow approached me after the second presidential debate and said, “So. You’re a political science major. How do you fix this?” I’m not sure which was more laughable: the fact that he was asking a first-semester freshman […]

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Lè ou an Ayiti, wap konpran.

Written by    Jul 25, 2016

When you’re in Haiti, you will understand.  I’ve been wanting to write about my trip to Haiti for a while now but I haven’t been able to collect my thoughts into logical sentences to form anything other than what my lonely scatterbrain person can understand. I have considered many possible ways to describe my experiences, but trying to explain Haiti to someone who doesn’t know […]

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CCS is the CCBest

Written by    Jun 23, 2016

Hello again! Do you ever feel blue? NO! NEVER! Not that blue. No. No. Yes. THAT blue! Well, do you ever feel anxious or afraid or just a little off? Well guess what? Ohio State has an excellent resource to get you back to being you: Counseling and Consultation Services (CCS).

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“There’s a Cow on the Oval!”

Written by    Apr 21, 2016

No, but seriously, there was an actual cow on The Oval.

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Written by    Mar 2, 2016

Today I had the opportunity to attend an awesome event called “R U OK?” Day in the Ohio Union, hosted by Buckeye Campaign Against Suicide (BCAS).

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