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Thunderstorms & Kid Cereal

 Written by    June 13, 2013

As you can tell from the title, big things have been happening in my life!

Well, just kidding.



I did turn 20, which means I made the exciting switch over to adult vitamins from my teen ones.  So there’s that.


In other news, moving off campus means new neighbors, which is always fun.  Like me, they are Buckeyes, so, added bonus.  Life Tip #1- Make friends with your neighbors!  Life tip #2- Bake cookies and bring them to neighbors to facilitate Life Tip #1!  Unless, of course, you have creepy neighbors or something, then watch out.


I thought for some reason that writing about my OSU life for this summer would somehow be drastically different than the regular academic term, but it’s actually much the same—class, hanging with friends that are still in town, and doing my churchy stuff.  Minus the impending frosty doom of spring semester.  Replaced with crazy thunderstorm/tornado weirdness, which is happening at this very moment here in C-bus.  However, I consider myself very adept at handling this kind of thing, since I grew up with a medley of flash floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes in Houston.  Fun fact:  A tree fell on our roof during Hurricane Ike.  Plus, we didn’t have school for a week and a half, and our district ended up not even making up the days we missed.  Without that week and a half of learning, I somehow still made it into OSU, though.  So that was a relief.


But anyways (Is anyways really not grammatically correct?  It has a nice ring to it),


I can honestly say that I am really loving summer so far–classes and GRE (test for grad school)  prep included.  Well, not the GRE prep, whatever.  I’m finishing my psychology minor this summer, so I’m taking Data Analysis in Psychology (Psych 2220) and Health Psychology (Psych 4531).  Summer term means looonnnggg classes and very condensed coursework, but I think I’ve made it through this first week okay.  In fact, the professor of my health psych class is also my psychology honors advisor, and I think it’s really neat to get to work with her in the classroom setting as well.  I love how chill campus is right now, and how peaceful it is everywhere.  I feel so free to do anything my heart desires.  By which I really mean I have spent my summer so far re-trying every kid cereal in existence.  Right now I’m stuck on Golden Grahams.  Those things are my jam right now.  Life tip #3—Go buy some Golden Grahams.  And then eat them with a friend and think about how much they are enhancing your life satisfaction.


So… yeah.  Summer is not as glamorous or busy as the regular school year, but I’m down with that.  And no matter the time of year, Ohio State never seems to disappoint…


So in summation, Golden Grahams + Ohio State = Ultimate Contentment.


Rude Awakening:  I am on my 7th week of the Insanity workout program, and I am feeling it.  Dear body, please don’t quit on me now.  That means you, inflamed tendons.  This is my motivation song.  Naturally.


Pleasant Surprise:  I ran into my eye doctor working out while I was at the RPAC the other day.  That’s what I get for using OSU optometry services.  I swear, you would never know Ohio State is made up of tens of thousands of people.  Somehow, everyone knows everyone.


In firm friendship,


Julia Rose S.

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  1. Hayley Hayley says:

    Pretty jealous that you are staying in Columbus this summer! I completely agree about how small OSU can often be and I liked this post, your writing is fun.

  2. Anna says:

    What campus ministry do you go to?

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