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Where Have I Been?

 Written by    June 15, 2013

If you’re one of the thousands (slight exaggeration) of people who read my blogs on a regular basis, then you’re  probably wondering why I’ve been MIA for over 2 months.  I didn’t get tired of blogging; I’ve actually wanted to stage my comeback for a while now.   Don’t worry, I wasn’t held  hostage, put in jail, or severely injured.  The only thing that kept me from writing was me trying to figure out when the right time or day to come back would be.  I’m more than happy to say that today is that day.

Now that I’m officially back, let me fill in the blanks over the past couple of months. After a super stressful Finals Week, I had successfully completed my freshman year at THE Ohio State University!  Immediately after my last exam, I packed my things, said my goodbyes, and flew back home to Houston.  I wanted to write during that time, but I was feeling a sense of writer’s block.  I guess you could say that I needed to take time away from everything to clear my mind.

Some time passed, I wasn’t on Twitter very often, I rarely checked my Facebook profile, and I spent most of my days just enjoying the longest summer vacation of my life!  I took the time out to really put my life into perspective.   Suddenly, this past week I decided that I had spent more than enough time kicking back and that it was time I took some action.  So, with my first official post of Summer 2013, I just want to say that it feels good to be back!


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  1. Very descriptive blog, I liked that a lot. Will there be a part 2?

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