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Camp Hope

 Written by    June 10, 2013

This past weekend we made our halfway mark through summer staff training at Marmon Valley Farm. Over the weekend, we got to practice our skills with a camper group staying at the farm: Camp Hope.


Camp Hope is for families that have been bereaved of a loved one within the past year. Its a time of healing, restoration, and saying goodbye. One of the final activities was horse painting. Each family was given a horse to fingerpaint as a memorial to their loved one. At the end of the day, they watched their horses run away and join the herd in the field.

Since I was working in the stables, I helped turn the horses free. Some of the things written on them broke my heart. “I’m so sorry”, “I miss you”, and “please come back” were common sayings. Others were more personalized with sports team logos and random doodles.



I was glad to get the opportunity to help the families of Camp Hope, and pray that they will find healing and peace in their goodbyes.

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