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Marmon Valley Staffer

 Written by    June 15, 2013

I’m glad that I’m a Marmon Valley Staffer, that is what I truly want to be
And if I weren’t a Marmon Valley Staffer . . . bored is what I’d be!

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Our two weeks of staff training were completed yesterday! Tomorrow our first round of campers arrives. For the week I’ll be an assistant counselor with the Palomino cabin (teen girls), possibly an assistant riding instructor in mornings, and teaching vaulting in the afternoons!


These past few weeks I’ve had the chance to ride on my namesake horse, an Appaloosa also named “Sierra”. I’ve also finished CPR and basic first aid training, been placed in CHA (Certified Horsemanship Association) level 2B riding, passed my swim test, and made a bunch of friends πŸ™‚


I’ve learned how to ride English, shoot a bow left-handed, saddle-soap, and catch horses. I’ve ridden a horse with a group to a distant location on a hill and spent the night in a cabin far from civilization. I’ve saddled ponies and scooped manure.


I’ve cooked a meal over a campfire and played guitar with a group for the first time. I’ve made a rope, driven a horse, and started on my farmer’s tan. I’ve been certified to belay on our rock climbing wall.

We’ve had a baby goat born last week, there’s another on the way. One of our deer has a newborn fawn. There’s also two hutches of baby bunnies and a couple excepting mother cats.

I’m officially ready for summer now!

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