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Getting QUIC-ed, Quickly.

 Written by    June 20, 2013

Hey-o. It’s been a while since my last post on here, and I apologize. I haven’t been that busy this summer, but I really haven’t had much to write about that I think any of you would want to hear.

However, I did recently finish the mock interview process to get QUIC certified by Fisher College of Business.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term QUIC, it stands for Qualified Undergraduate Interview Candidate. Basically, when recruiters come to campus to interview students for jobs in their companies, students have to be pre-approved by Fisher before they can interview. This prevents students from walking into an interview with Dow Chemical or Coca-Cola unprepared, and dropping a giant stinking turd on Fisher’s reputation.

It’s an excellent program. I’ll be honest, before ¬†going through the QUIC interview process, my only job interview had been for O’Charley’s restaurant, where I currently wait tables. (And that was basically a formality…the manager was already in awe at my dashing good looks and witty charm.)

So I went through the QUIC modules (5 Powerpoint presentations of basic “how-to-interview” knowledge and guidelines on the QUIC process) and scheduled my interview. Easy enough.

And two days ago, I put on my brand new suit–you will need to buy one eventually if you are a business student–and drove back down to the best place on Earth for my mock interview.

Here ya go, ladies

Here ya go, ladies


And I smashed it. I interviewed with a wonderful lady named Margie, who was very kind and helpful. She gave me great feedback after the interview and some tips on how to improve my answers in the future. After submitting this post I am going to finish the QUIC process by sending her a thank you email. After that, I’m certified, and all those companies that are knocking down the door to get their chance at me will be let loose.

That pretty much checked off the ONLY thing on my summer “need-to-do” list, so I’m coasting from here until August-whatever. Unfortunately, I’ve already run out of ideas for new passwords for my OSU account so next time they tell me to change it, I may be SOL.

Oh well, happy summer everyone!

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