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Life and Times of a Summer Student Part 2: 10 Tips for Freshmen

 Written by    June 28, 2013

With freshmen coming in for orientation this summer while I’m taking classes, what better time to give some tips?

This summer is going by incredibly fast. I have taken on a lot of projects. I recently helped the James Cancer Research Hospital with some photography for their Pelotonia fundraiser. That was fun.

I’m also getting in touch with a friend from back home who is producing music, and am collaborating with him on my  YouTube page. Keep an eye out for updates on that. We have a lot of awesome things planned.

I am really branching out with my connections, and have gotten to know so many different people at Ohio State.

Speaking of different people, you would never know how different some people are than you until you take an art class. I’m taking a photoshop class this summer, and our class has a very diverse group. Everywhere from art education majors, to marketing, to engineering and biology. We’ve gotten into heated debates over current topics, and have learned how to channel those ideas and stances into our artwork. I really think that I would not enjoy this class as much if everyone had similar interests. I have never appreciated how diverse OSU’s student body is until I took an art class with less than 15 people.

I say that and then look outside and see thousands of incoming freshmen here at orientation. I can’t help but notice how much I’ve grown over these past 2 years. I’ll be starting my third year this August and time has just flown by. Time goes fast when you’re having fun, and Ohio State has probably given me the most fun in my entire life. I’ve overheard a lot of freshman talking on campus, and I have a bit of advice for anyone starting at Ohio State this fall:

  1. Don’t take this list as rules. Everyone has different opinions, and that is the first “rule.” Just because someone doesn’t agree with you, doesn’t mean you can’t be friends with that person. There are 60,000+ people at OSU, that means there are 60,000+ ideas and view points.
  2. You don’t have to be friends with everyone. You will stretch yourself too thin between people. It is better to be acquaintances with a lot of people than trying to be best friends with everyone. It will be too stressful when you try to divide your attention.
  3. Don’t assume all your friends will be friends with each other. If you invite people over, expect cliques to form. You will fit with all of them, because they’re your friends, but they might not like each other.
  4. Don’t change who you are. This should be number 1, but number 4 works. I’m not saying don’t try new things, you should. I’m saying don’t conform to what people are doing. Just because your roommate might be going out and partying every Thursday night doesn’t mean you’re obligated to. You are your own person. College is about defining yourself not changing to be like someone else.
  5. Try new things. Go and take that yoga class. Hang out with that weird art kid (That’s me. I want friends. Hang out with me.). Never seen a horror movie? Invite your floor to go see one with you.
  6. Get involved. I cannot stress this enough. In my opinion, I do better in school when I have things to do. There are hundreds of things to get involved with. Pick a few and get enthusiastic.
  7. You’re here to learn. Sure partying can be fun, and sure midnight showings of movies are awesome; but remember you are at college to get that degree. It will bite you in the ass if you spend 4 years getting C’s and D’s, barely passing through classes to only drop out. You could try a 2 year tech degree. That might be easier if you struggle.
  8. There is no shame in failing. You are fighting your own battle at college. If you get a bad grade, oh well. You can talk to your professor, figure out what happened. In the end, it’s all you. Your friends didn’t cause it, your parents didn’t do anything. It doesn’t effect anyone but you. Take that failing grade and do what you can to improve. There is always time. You can take another year if you need.
  9. Have fun. You’re going to be here for a while. Make the most of it.
  10. Lastly, do what you want to do. Business makes you happy? Major in that. Your parents say that engineering will get you good money? Cool beans. What do you want to do? It doesn’t mean diddly squat what your parents want you to do. They aren’t the ones who will be doing that for the rest of their lives. You’re passionate about dancing? Take some classes, major in dance, or maybe incorporate business with it in a dual degree or a minor and you’ll be destined to have your own studio. Study what you think you will want to be doing 20 years from now.

Hopefully you take something away from this list. It’s not perfect, but it’s what I’ve learned in my years in college.

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  1. Nathalie P. says:

    Thanks for you advice. Love the excitement you, buckeyes, have. It’s contagious!

  2. like it says:

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  3. roy says:

    This was a good read. Thanks a lot man. Yeah maybe i will take you up on that art class. I start this fall ! 😉

  4. Of course time passes incredibly fast when you are so busy. I wish I could say the same thing. All my projects start in the autumn. How about that?

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