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Beach day #3

 Written by    July 3, 2013

Finally finally finally I am getting a well earned vacation from my grueling summer, and it comes in the form of a week with some of my best friends in one of my favorite places in the world! We are in the Outer Banks of North Carolina in the condo that my dad’s side of my family has shared every summer for longer than I have even been alive.  This place holds stacks and stacks of memories for me, from making forts out of couch cushions to trying to drag my reluctant brother into the water when he preferred to dig holes.  I never understood the point of digging holes at the beach, and I never will.

We got here sunday and haven’t done much other than go to the beach and watch movies except for last night, Laura and I decided to go for a kayak ride.  At some point or another my family acquired two kayaks which we carried down to the sound, which is way closer to the condo than the ocean (the sound is the strip of water in between the island and the mainland).

Laura and I were planning on taking a 10-15 minute ride southwest and back before giving Sam and Lizzy the opportunity to take a spin in them.  We paddled out a few hundred feet from the dock and just stopped for a minute or two to take a break and enjoy the sunsetty view, and failed to realize we the current was dragging us north.  When we were ready to start paddling back, I suggested we race and immediately afterward fell out of the kayak, delaying us another 5 minutes as I am trying (and repeatedly, embarrassingly failing) to reenter my kayak and both of us are drifting further north up the island.   It’s starting to get dark now, and we know it’s time to haul a** back to our dock so we paddle fast.  North.  We paddled north.

It wasn’t until we had been paddling for 7-8 minutes when I realized that there was no way we were going the right way and we had to turn around, thus enduring we had another 15 minutes ahead of us before we got back.  And as soon as we get ourselves pointed in the right direction, the rumble of thunder sounded softly, but surely.

This is the story I will forever be giving for the time I was closest to death, in the most imminent danger.  I haven’t ever paddled a kayak half as fast as I did back to our dock last night and I probably never will ever again.

It’s obvious that we arrived safe and sound but it was a scary few minutes for us, and even though it was terrifying it was so fun.  Other than endangering my life, as I said, we haven’t done too much. Currently we are getting ready to go out to dinner and are listening to each other sing in the shower which is capital-A-Adorable.  Hope everyone is enjoying their summers and getting pumped for school in just over a month!


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