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Only at Ohio State…

 Written by    July 5, 2013

This summer has been sort of a mix of different things. I didn’t take summer  classes, so my schedule is much more flexible.

As a college student, a summer without much structure is dangerous. You might lose focus and not take advantage of the time you have.

As someone with goals of attending medical school, summers are crucial to gain clinical, community, and research experience.

A unique experience that I have become a part of, though, is the Pure Water Access Project (PWAP). At the end of spring semester, I was asked to join one of the divisions of the student-run nonprofit at Ohio State.

PWAP is a research nonprofit that aims to provide access to clean water in culturally appropriate ways.

I am an Outreach Fellow, working with the Director of Outreach. My responsibilities include planning an annual fundraiser and spreading awareness about PWAP.


What’s so unique about this experience is that as students, we have ownership over the group and our vision greatly matters.

With ownership, though, we must understand the consequences of our decisions. Students from vastly different majors also collaborate and quickly learn skills in business and leadership.

pwap 2

Students also have the opportunity to participate in the water filter research projects, a unique form of research not always available at OSU.

At Ohio State, leadership opportunities are plenty. But becoming involved with a nonprofit is a great way to further develop beyond the confines of the classroom.

I encourage all of you to take advantage of these opportunities as you hear about them on campus or seek them out yourselves. It’s definitely worth it!

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