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Tales from the Trail – Things Not Covered in Staff Training (episode 1)

 Written by    July 17, 2013

Before camp, we went through two weeks of staff training. These are some snapshots of trail rides with campers and other camp conversations I’ve had this summer, all highlighting things NOT covered during those two weeks. (All campers have been renamed “Camper” to protect their identities.)

Tale 1 – Trail Ride
Me: “Okay class, if your horse stops to eat, bump it with your heels and make it keep walking. It’s not snack time.”
(A few minutes later)
Me: “Camper! Kick your horse and make him walk!”
Camper: “I can’t, my leg fell off!”
(Apparently, Camper had a prosthetic. Surprise!)

Staff Training Question: What do you do when your camper’s leg falls off on trail ride?

Tale 2 – Saddling
(Instructor walks out of tack room carrying English saddle)
Camper to Instructor: “Uhhh . . . I don’t ride French! I ride Western!”

Staff Training Question: Is there a French saddle?

Tale 3 – Shower Room episode 1
Camper: “Sierra! Sierra!”
Me: “Yeah?”
Camper: “My t-shirt fell into the toilet! Can you get it out for me?”

Staff Training Question: How do you sanitarily fish clothing out of a dirty toilet?

Tale 4 – First Aid
Camper: “Is this icepack cold?”
Staff: “What do you mean is it cold?”
Camper: “I mean, is it freezing cold?”
Staff: “It’s a bag of ice!”

Staff Training Question:  . . .

Tale 5 – Shower Room episode 2
Staff: “Who’s underwear are these?”
Camper: “Oh, those are mine. They don’t work.”

Staff Training Question: How do underwear not work? Actually, don’t answer that one.

Tale 6 – Star Tipping
Camper: “Can we go star tipping?”
Me: “No.”
Camper: “Why not???”
Me: “There’s no stars. It’s cloudy.”
Camper: “Can you put stars up so we can go star tipping?”

Staff Training Question: How do I put stars up?

Until next time  . . . solving camper problems on the fly!

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