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I Moved Out!

 Written by    August 4, 2013

Junior year is here, and to celebrate living through another year at Ohio State, I upgraded from the dorms. Apartment life here I come!

I moved in this weekend, and couldn’t be more excited!! I’m living on north campus, in case you wanted to know. My roommate isn’t moving in for a few weeks, but he came up anyway to help me move all my junk, and of course to set up the essentials: the couch, kitchen table; you know, essentials.
My roommate and I


This is my wonderful roommate. He is a pro. A pro at life. As of the moment he wants to study molecular genetics. He is a smart cookie.

I’m in the purple shirt. I only say that because we look somewhat alike. Why? Because we are cousins!! Isn’t that neat??

I think it’s neat.

Now that I’m moved in, and summer session is over, I have a bit of time until classes start up again. What does that mean, you ask your computer screen? It means I made a vlog. I got so excited to unpack that I turned on my camera.

You should watch. Not that you have to or anything, I don’t own you. In case you want to see what else I’ve been up to during the past couple months, check out my other videos. I got to play around with After Effects and 3D modeling for my Digital Imaging final project, I made a short film at the end of spring semester, and I have plenty of other vlogs on my channel from earlier this year.

Its a gold mine of entertainment if the “gold” was watching me embarrass myself and the “mine” is the internet.


When I first made arrangements for moving into my apartment, I took care of the electricity around July 10th. That should’ve been plenty of time for AEP to turn on my service and make sure everything was move in ready. But when I showed up last Monday to get the keys from my landlord, there was no power. Well darn. This is a problem.

Luckily I wasn’t actually going to be sleeping there until that Friday, but what if I was? I called AEP and apparently you have to wait 3 days from the service turn on date for it to work? I’m calling BS there. They had 20 days. If I call them and say “Hey I’m moving in on the 29th, can I have power?” and of course AEP said “Sure!” (Maybe not sure, I’m exaggerating of course.)

But low and behold, I had scheduled the cable guy to come on Wednesday. That is 3 days after the “service date” for the electric.

My problems didn’t end there. When I came back on Wednesday for the cable guy, all my doors were unlocked.


The maintenance workers had left my doors unlocked while they were getting supplies. Don’t you worry, I called my landlord and everything was fine. The maintenance workers were close by and it wouldn’t be an issue in the future.

All of this happened 30 minutes before my final for Communications 1100. You could say I was a bit stressed. Came back from my final, and the cable guy was early. Cable and internet are set up, everything is well.

All in all, moving in can be stressful even before you actually move in.

It’s totally worth it.

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