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OSU Round 2

 Written by    August 12, 2013

I found moving in to be incredibly stressful this year. Because I am working as an office assistant, I moved in a week early before even the OWLs.

(This is also why I’m writing this post at 4 a.m.)

Moving in without OWLs (aka Ohio State Welcome Leaders) descending upon your car and bringing all your stuff to your room before you even know what’s happening was fantastic last year. I was literally done moving in and unpacking everything in under two hours.

Not the case this year, my friends. Not the case.

This year my mom and I moved everything in ourselves. No OWLs. No elevator. No air conditioning. You can imagine.

Carrying all my stuff up three flights of stairs was a challenge in and of itself, but then we had to start unpacking and assembling everything. This was a very tiresome and sweaty process that I would not wish on anybody. As great as dorm furniture is, the quality is not always so grand, so although my new shelving unit is beautiful now, I will always have bitter feelings towards it because of how painful it was to put together.

My very unpacked room

My very unpacked room

Once everything was semi-unpacked, we made yet another Target run (Is there a store better than Target? because if so, I haven’t found it). We also hit up Kroger and bought the essentials (6 boxes of cereal, milk, and 2 cartons of ice cream).

Then yet another round of lugging the bags up to my room and unpacking those.

So moral of the story is freshmen, enjoy those OWLs while you can!! They are fantastic, so don’t take them for granted.

Second moral of the story: Try your best to think of everything you need before you move in (tape, scissors, cleaning supplies, Command hooks etc.). There is a Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond really close to campus, but during Move-In, these places are packed and sell out of common dorm supplies quickly. Save yourself the headache and shop close to home instead.

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