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Moving in is also predictably terrible

 Written by    August 14, 2013

I am so close to moving back to Columbus and so unprepared that budgeting my time by the hour would be not at all crazy.  My girls and I move in Thursday, which is August 15th, which is the day I have been looking forward to since the day I signed the lease in December.  I’m excited, but I also might be dead due to the metaphorical crushing of my body and spirit that my belongings are doing to me.

It is without a doubt time to go though.  Tonight was my last night at work, I get daily texts from friends about how much they now hate the kids they nanny (still loving mine though), and my mom is going shopping almost every day for stuff for my sister’s high school dorm* and occasionally picking up a thing or two here and there for me.  I am stressed but not motivated, which is a pathetic and laughable feeling.

I have missed campus so much! Apparently the South Oval is no longer in construction which is just plain exciting and I can’t wait to see it.  I hope everybody, first years especially, is planning on coming to the involvement fair on Sunday night.  I believe Ski Team may be doing a rail jam that night which a)maybe was supposed to be a surprise** and b)will be super freaking cool in literal and figurative senses.  The other Ski Team news is that we are going to Big Sky, Montana for our trip which I am so stoked for! I was just saying a couple days ago that Big Sky was one of my favorite options for the trip, I’m so glad it worked out that way.  Please find us at the involvement fair if you are interested in getting more information!

montana trip

It’s more expensive this year because it’s much further than Vermont was, which brings me to my next topic and that is that I will be working on campus next semester in the Biomedical Research Tower which is awesome and hilarious because I know almost nothing about biology, medical things, research, or towers.  I’ll be working in a stock room helping people order and receive materials for their experiments as well as possibly explaining some of the research techniques offered through the stockroom.  Which means lots of learning for me this semester at my job, which is good.  What is better is that this enables me to pay for my expensive snowboarding season.

Now that I have reenergized myself a bit I think I’m gonna try to pack a little more.  Sooooo I guess I’ll see how that goes.  Probably poorly.  I will probably have a meltdown tomorrow night.  It’s okay.

*Little miss Emily is going to boarding school.  I’m happy for her; my parents are too but they’re sad.

**Or a very poorly advertised event because I found out through Mad River and not through Ski Team.


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