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Off-Campus Living

 Written by    August 20, 2013

Well hello there, blog readers!

Summer has come to an end and the infamous move-in time at college has almost come to an end, as well! I know I’ve given advice about dorm-living and how to deal with roommates, but now I’m starting a new journey – living off-campus!

I decided over the summer to move into a ministry house with 11 of my dearest friends, and here I am blogging from my new house, enjoying every minute of it.

I must tell you a few pluses of living off-campus:

1. It is MUCH cheaper if you find the right place.

-You most likely won’t be living alone, and that gives you many other roommates to split the rent and utilities.

2. You can probably find somewhere air-conditioned.

-After living in an un-air-conditioned dorm for two semesters, I can tell you how thrilled I am about this.

3. You can cook your own food.

-I guess for some people, this might be a downfall, but I love not having to eat campus food!

4. You get a bigger space.

-Even if your bedroom is just as small, you’ll have a common living space where you can spread out.


-Living off-campus hands you so many responsibilities and teaches you so much about living independently.

Like I said, these are just a FEW pluses, but I am soaking them all up. I’ve also been learning how to live effectively on a budget, and I decided to start a new blog to document these savvy ways I’ve been picking up.

So as I post on there, I’ll keep you updated with a link.

Enjoy your day. ♥


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