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Apartment Life

 Written by    August 26, 2013

It’s good to be back. Once again, packs of bro-tank-clad frat boys roam their natural habitat, the dark, loud streets of Off-Campus, yelling obscene things and picking fights. Hipster girls once more frequent the Panera Bread and Starbucks on High Street, oversized (and non-prescription) glasses threatening to fall from their noses at any time. Yes, it is the beginning of the year at OSU, and the electricity and excitement is almost overwhelming.

Myself? I’m very excited… mostly because I just moved into my first apartment last weekend with four of my friends. We are living the apartment life, living it real hard.

Our apartment is actually pretty nice–it has a big living room area, great for “social gatherings”. A bathroom with two showers (but only one toilet, which will be a problem as we have come to find out). And the two apartments above us? Home to two groups of second-year girls who have all proven to be friendly and fun so far (as well as being rather attractive). So yeah, we got a good setup.

The best thing about having an apartment is having A/C. Now to all of you who lived in Morrison, or Park-Stradley, or one of those dorms that actually had A/C, just know that I both envy and despise you. I lived in Bradley last year, which meant that I had no A/C, and it also meant that I ended up coming back from my long, hot walks to class and sat down in an equally hot room. For the first three weeks of last year, I looked like this.

We have also adopted the cliché college-apartment decor of plastering every square inch of wall with posters. Biggie Smalls, Mila Kunis, John McClane from Die Hard (#3 on my list of all-time favorite movies), Kanye West, The Beatles and of course countless OSU-themed images now grace our walls. The cliché of all clichés? The “Finish Your Beer, There’s Sober Kids In India” poster hanging in the living room. I’m pretty sure landlords don’t even let you sign the lease unless you have intent to hang this up in your place.

This has been in almost every place I've been on campus

This has been in almost every place I’ve been on campus

There is a half-full natty ice in our shower, and I don’t think anyone has any plans of moving it…

That’s the hardest part about the apartment: the mess. Our kitchen is almost always piled up with dirty dishes and silverware, our floor needs to be vacuumed daily, and our living room table broke. I am a neat freak, always have been, so the transition from my house (which my mom kept spotless) and the new place (I think my roommates may intentionally create messes) has been tough. I’ll learn though.

I also get to have my car at OSU now, which is awesome. If I ever get the urge I can simply drive the 30 minutes it takes to get back to the Dirty D, and go see my puppy, Otis. Also, it means that I no longer have to WALK to the Kroger on King and High every Friday evening.

My pup

My pup

In other news, we are now less than a week away from the home opener in the ‘Shoe. 2013 is the Buckeyes’ season. We WILL go undefeated and we WILL win the national championship by beating Alabama. Urban Meyer and Braxton Miller will not let us lose. If you’ve never been to a Bucks game as a student before, and you have tickets, congrats. Those seven saturdays will be some of the most fun moments of the entire year. Prepare to get weird.




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