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 Written by    September 2, 2013

Starting at the beginning of 2013 I began to take a moment each day to sit down and write in a journal something good that I did or that happened to me that day.  I fell out of the habit over the summer though, because summer is a weird time, but I stumbled back over that journal when I was finishing unpacking my stuff a couple weeks ago.  At the time I was, for personal reasons, in a rather anxious and stressed mood, but looking through my journal and reading about dozens of times that were nice, just plain nice, brought peace back into my life for the moment.  Some of my favorite days were:

January 4– Talking to my dad while he was sick in bed and finally returning to OSU after break.

January 29– Played hooky and went to Mad River to snowboard instead.  Hit jumps in a t-shirt in the 65 degree weather.

March 15– Saw Identity Thief with my mom.  I miss her and love hanging out with her.

Those three are about things I did, but there are a few entries along the lines of “had a bagel for lunch and one for dinner.  I love bagels” that are just the little things, which are worth appreciating too.

While I understand that everyone has different ways of relieving stress and, if you will, shedding their baggage before they end their day, I feel that this is a really good and constructive way to do that.  Trying to remember the positive things in my life rather than the negative ones has had an impact for the better on my attitude and my outlook. I always feel better after I write one and going back and reading through them always puts me in better spirits as well, so I decided to recommend it to this audience.

I hope everyone is enjoying their classes thus far, mine are turning out to be pretty much good and interesting, which I am thankful for.  Have a good four day week!

Music:  The Avett Brothers just released a new single, called Another is Waiting, which I adore.  They are releasing the rest of the album, called Magpie and the Dandelion, on October 15 which I very eagerly await!

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    Keep on working, great job!

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