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Waking Up From A Dream

 Written by    September 4, 2013

That’s what it feels like the day the summer ends and the day school begins.

That first day you walk to class with a bookbag on your back, you know that summer fun is over. Truly over. It doesn’t hit you until you walk into 0245 Scott Lab, sit down, and the teacher starts talking that your brain immediately sighs at the thought, this is going to be the next eight months of my life.


That was me August 21st. Was that you?

Especially from the summer I just came from, starting school just did not seem like my idea of fun anymore. Which is odd. I love school. Especially Ohio State. I love learning and doing projects and writing lots and lots of papers (don’t judge) and studying in the oval and sitting in Thompson. I truly do.

However, after doing film production and set production and writing my own stories and traveling and seeing family all summer, sitting in a classroom just did not seem as appetizing to me.

I DO love the fact that I live on the other side of High Street. I get to see Ohio State when I wake up in the morning, which wasn’t happening when I was living in Polaris last year. I love being this close to campus. AND IT’S FOOTBALL SEASON. WHO DOESN’T LOVE THAT??



It’s just class that I’m not jumping for. Of course, I’m a senior, and I’ve only got eight more months left. Eight more months, then I never have to sit in a classroom again unless I choose to do so. With film production, however, classrooms won’t be very high on the list. But it’s still possible.

I’m sure I will regret complaining about class. Because I’ll be leaving the university. I’ll have my degree and I’ll be out working and living.

This past summer was a big kickstarter for me. I did a lot of freelance work, learning on sets, writing, and getting to know more and more people. My trip to LA was fantastic. We didn’t win the film competition I mentioned last time. You would have known about that immediately. But I learned a lot, met a lot of people, and loved every minute of it.

The thing that stinks about class is that I cannot freelance as much. Monday through Friday I have class, therefore cannot do a two-day or a week-long shoot like I have been. But I need to be reminded that I need to stay focused on one thing. Right now, for the next eight months, I need to be focused on school work, because that’s what I’m here for, that’s what I pay for. Getting my degree is priority number one, and the time will pass faster than I think it will…


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