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Who knew there were Buckeye trees in Illinois?

 Written by    September 22, 2013

So although it would seem obvious to most, the fertile ground of Ohio is not the only place where Buckeye trees can spread their bountifully poisonous branches. But since most people outside Ohio don’t even know what a Buckeye is, I guess I never thought of them growing anywhere than our lovely state.

But alas! Last weekend, I had the opportunity to go home to Chicago to talk to a group of potential future Buckeyes, and what did I find just before the presentation? Why a Buckeye tree of course.

If you don’t believe me, here’s a picture.


But enough about the tree.

Talking to future baby Buckeyes was one of the best experiences. It was so easy to tell people all the awesome things about Ohio State that they may not have known before. I know when I was trying to choose a school, talking to students was really helpful, and I love being able to be that person for other people.

I talked to students specifically interested in the Fisher College of Business (I would not be a helpful person if someone asked me about prerequisites for Engineering or what the Journalism professors are like). I also spoke on a panel with two other OSU students and answered any and all questions the high school seniors or their parents had.

I absolutely loved the experience, and I would love to do it again in the future!

Go Bucks.

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