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Have You Met Ted? Yes I Have, Actually: Or The Awesome Events of OSU

 Written by    September 25, 2013

Here at OSU we have some pretty great visitors. But so far this year seems to be topping all the rest.   It almost seems like OUAB had me in mind when planning their schedule this fall.

For those of you who don’t know, when we students pay our fees each semester one part of that is the student activity fee.  Then the student organization, the Ohio Union Activities Board (OUAB) gets to use this money to bring awesome events to students throughout the year.

This year I’ve seen three events right here on campus and all three have featured great talents that I’ve wanted to see for years.   Let’s take this chronologically shall we?

Early this fall OUAB had an event called Winning Gold with three recent Olympic winners: Kerri Walsh, Ryan Lochte, and Aly Raisman.  Growing up playing volleyball, my friends and I watched Kerri Walsh and her partner Misty May as we dreamed of going to the Olympics.  I even had a volleyball with her name on it and when she took gold at the most recent Olympics my friends and I (even though only one of us still plays volleyball) watched from my living room.



A beautiful moment.



I had to attend this event or my 12 year old self could have never have forgiven me.  After hearing what Kerri had to say I have decided I picked out some pretty good role models back in the sixth grade.

Next up were two guys that we have all been watching on TV forever: Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood of Whose Line is it Anyway fame.  Obsessed would hardly be an exaggeration if you had to describe my relationship with this show.  When I was about 13 I created a Whose Line is it Anyway board game.  Get on my level.

Recently these two have been touring their own little improv show that’s pretty similar to what they do on the show.  I had seen some of their new stuff on Netflix and was ready to see it in person.  Just laughing all night was worth the whole student activity fee for this stressed student.  Even better was watching with my brother, a freshman, and remembering watching Whose Line with our parents as kids.  We both got mousetraps off the stage from the final act and I had to send a picture to my very jealous parents.




I know you’re jealous.


This Monday was probably my favorite OUAB event that I have attended since coming to OSU (and that’s saying a lot considering the two events we’ve already discussed in this post).  I got to watch the premiere of the first two episodes of the final season of How I Met Your Mother with none other than Josh Radnor aka Ted Mosby.   I request the highest of fives.

Originally this event was meant to be a visit and lecture from Radnor.  Based on that alone hundreds of students sought out tickets.  Then it was discovered that this was the same night as the premiere so Radnor brought the episodes with him and screened them for the crowd.



I had to know what was going to happen next.



I could write an entire five blog posts on how much I loved the new episodes.  I will keep my lips sealed in case any of you haven’t seen them yet, but let’s just say I really liked one of Lilly’s first scenes that may have involved some cookies. Watching these episodes with over a thousand other fans was amazing. Not only that but I found out my favorite episode of HIMYM is one of Josh’s favorites too and he likes the director Richard Linklater and my favorite film Dazed and Confused (his family was in the audience and reminded him of this one).



He also mentioned liking this line. I think we all can relate.



Not only did Josh talk about How I Met Your Mother but he provided a really great discussion of life.  As an indie movie director, Josh talked about wanting to bring good into the world.  He discussed how playing Ted helps provide happiness for those watching his sitcom.  He even dived into some pretty learned discussions of Paradise Lost.   This hometown boy (raised in Bexley) was clearly very comfortable with the audience and I felt like we were having a discussion with him, not a Q&A.



From Radnor’s newest film, Liberal Arts.



College is about experiences and this year I haven’t even had to leave campus to have some of the best nights of my life! Even if you’re not into football there are some awesome entertainment perks to being a Buckeye!


P.S. If you haven’t seen How I Met Your Mother (which really you should have) this is the inspiration for the title of this post.

Also, to learn more about OUAB and the great stuff they do, click here! 



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