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The 150 Challenge

 Written by    September 28, 2013

For some strange reason, I have had multiple writing assignments this year with a 150 word limit. In high school, essays that contained excess words or sentences weren’t really frowned upon. I was more often urged to be descriptive and thorough as opposed to clear and concise.

In college, I have experienced an overhaul in how I write. Unnecessary words are frowned upon, as are needlessly fancy words. I have been tasked various times to write about myself or my goals in life in 150 words or less. For someone accustomed to elaborating, this is unusually difficult for me to do.

To help me practice writing comprehensive yet short statements, I have decided to blog in only 150 words or less for the month of October. Each post will have a theme to help me focus my thoughts. For example the theme of this post is “short and sweet.”


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